1. Stanley Cup

    The Stanley Cup is arguably the most coveted and biggest trophy in sports history. Coveted because unlike all other major sports, the trophy is just passed from one winning team to each, so no new trophies are made. The representation of the trophy is unmatched as it is passed down by generations of Hockey champions and epitomizes nothing but pure history and prestige.

    2. Vince Lombardi Trophy

    Of course, America’s most-watched sport trophy is on this list. The Vince Lombardi Statue, awarded to the champion of the Super Bowl, is the ultimate bragging rights for any NFL team. The trophy is named after Pittsburgh Steelers’ coach, Vince Lombardi.

    3. Barclay’s Premier League

    Besides FIFA, the Premiere League is the biggest football event and its trophy is just as big as well. The design of the trophy is quite recognizable, with 2 lions, a crown, and ribbons all over.

    4. Heisman Trophy

    This trophy actually belongs to college football and is awarded to the most outstanding player. The prestige and honor that this trophy brings is quite something else as it is only awarded to one each year. Nabbing this trophy would mean a sea of opportunities in NFL.

    5. Wimbledon Trophy

    Tennis is definitely one of the most popular sports in the world, so it’s no question that one of its major tournament trophies is on this list. It is the trophy that all Tennis pro players want that most as it tells the whole world how you’re the best of the best of that year and it’s never easy to get this trophy.

    6. FIFA World Cup

    It is truly every football team’s dream to be able to lift the World Cup Trophy and celebrate with your country. FIFA is held once every 4 years and draws an incredible amount of crowd (both in the stadiums and televisions). It is arguably the most recognized trophy out there given how huge the event is.

    7. Green Jacket (Golf)

    It may not be the typical or traditional trophy, but one cannot deny the power that the green jacket represents. What’s interesting about this is that the champion has to return the green jacket back after a year, where it also has to be only worn on the grounds of Augusta. If that doesn’t speak prestige, we don’t know what will.

    8. Commissioner’s Trophy

    The iconic World Series Trophy, more known as the Commissioner’s Trophy, is MLB’s most prized possession. Its recognizable design of 30 flags, representing each team, is debated to have a weird and awkward design. However, it still gets a spot in this list as its value and honor is most coveted in America’s Greatest Pastime.

    9. Indy 500

    NASCAR’s biggest race offers its most prestigious title named the Borg-Warner trophy. Champions will only take home a miniature version of the trophy but will have their name etched on the actual trophy and be placed in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum. With that, it only makes winning this competitive trophy even more honorable.

    10. The Ashes

    Cricket is the biggest and most-watched sport in the world. Its rivalries, especially India and Pakistan, draws massive crowds that winning this trophy for them is like life and death for them. And that alone says so much about how huge and powerful this trophy is.