1. FSU Seminoles

    Seminoles fans are deafening thanks to the Seminole Warchant and tomahawk chop. These incredible traditions create one of the craziest game day experiences.

    2. Nebraska Cornhuskers

    No matter what the weather Cornhusker fans will be at Memorial Stadium every Saturday. Huskers fans have sold out every game since 1962 and have an insane level of devotion toward their team.

    3. Florida Gators

    Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is one of the toughest places in the nation for opposing teams to play thanks to these crazy fans. The Gator Chomp, in particular, is an excellent way to get into the craziness that is attending a game in The Swamp.

    4. Oregon Ducks

    The Ducks student section isn’t known as the Autzen Zoo for nothing. These fans get wild on game days making the 54,000 seat Autzen Stadium feel much larger for opposing teams.

    5. Clemson Tigers

    Death Valley is one of the toughest places in the country for opposing teams to play thanks to the support of Clemson fans. Even during down years, these fans create a raucous environment that is one of the best in college football.

    6. Ohio State Buckeyes

    Ohio State is home to the most raucous atmosphere in the Big Ten, and the fans are filled with plenty of crazies including Big Nut.

    7. WVU Mountaineers

    What do you expect when there is a reputation of fans of the WVU Mountaineers throwing rocks at the opposing teams’ buses and burning couches if they win.

    8. Texas A&M Aggies

    Despite having not won a National Championship since 1939, Aggies fans still have a reputation for being some of the best in college football and have even earned the nickname “The 12th Man.”

    9. Iowa Hawkeyes

    Despite having won just one National Championship way back in 1958, Hawkeyes fans still show a great deal of support for their team and are some of the most vocal fans out there.

    10. Penn State Nittany Lions

    Beaver Stadium rocks back and forth during game days and Penn State’s Whiteouts are legendary meaning you’ll encounter some craziness when attending a Nittany Lions game.

    11. Alabama Crimson Tide

    Alabama’s Bryant-Denny is one of the craziest places around on Saturdays thanks to Crimson Tide fans who cheer hard and wave their poms around furiously.

    12. LSU Tigers

    In 1988, these rabid fans got so loud after a game-winning touchdown that they managed to register an earthquake on the Richter scale. If you’re looking to get crazy with some college football fans, then LSU is the place for you.

    13. Wisconsin Badgers Hurricanes

    You’ll definitely know what we’re talking about once their ultimate tradition, Jump Around, happens. It’s the epitome of unity and support for the Badgers that you’ll never find in any other team.

    14. Auburn Tigers

    Like their in-state rivals, Auburn fans also are some of the loudest and craziest fans around. The War Eagle chant reverberates throughout the stadium and is one of the most iconic cheers in college football.

    15. Georgia Bulldogs

    The crazed fans at Georgia love to bark and growl at opponents and are known as some of the best hecklers around.