1. Handsome Dan (Yale Bulldogs)

    Handsome Dan has been Yale’s mascot since 1889 and is a can’t miss part of any Bulldogs game. You’ll spot Handsome Dan at every Yale game and he does a great job of inspiring the team and fans, so keep an eye out for him throughout the game.

    2. Dubs (Washington Huskies)

    The Washington Huskies have two mascots an anthropomorphic husky named Harry the Husky and a live Alaskan Malamute named Dubs. Fun fact: It was actually through popular vote that the name Dubs was born.

    3. Reveille (Texas A&M Aggies)

    The mascot of Texas A&M is a living and breathing dog! His name is Reveille, a purebred rough collie. Having all been female, each Reveille has watched over her players like next of kin. She attends every football game to give life to the crowd.

    4. Smokey (Tennessee Volunteers)

    Smokey, the Dog, leads the team out of the tunnel at the beginning of each game and howls to get the crowd pumped up at halftime. Smokey is a staple at every Tennessee game, so look for him to energize the team and crowd.

    5. Rameses (UNC Tar Heels)

    Rameses the Ram has been the Tar Heels mascot since 1924. The mascot was chosen due to the team’s star fullback in 1922 Jack Merritt being nicknamed the “Battering Ram.” Rameses has stuck around ever since and has spawned two versions of the mascot a live ram and an anthropomorphic ram that is part of the cheer squad.

    6. Chief Osceola and Renegade (FSU Seminoles)

    Chief Osceola rides onto the field on the back of his trusty steed Renegade and throws a flaming spear into the center of the stadium. The tradition will raise the hairs on the back of your neck and give you the true essence of Florida State football.

    7. Bill the Goat (Navy Midshipmen)

    Goats are pretty symbolic for sailors when at sea, as goats have provided them a means of surviving. The live mascot made its first appearance during the 1883 Army-Navy game but didn’t have a name back then. The name Bill the Goat was not born until 1990 when he was named after the first president of the Naval Academy Athletic Association’s own pet goat.

    8. Boomer & Sooner (Oklahoma Sooners)

    Oklahoma University’s mascot is one of the most iconic mascots in all of college football. Pulled by two white ponies named Boomer and Sooner, the Schooner is a smaller sized replica of a wagon used by settlers in the late 1880’s. It is brought onto the field after each score by the all male RUF/NEK spirit squad while students chant “Boomer! Sooner!”

    9. Leprechaun (Notre Dame Fighting Irish)

    The Leprechaun leads the Irish onto the field every game and leads the student section cheers. Look to The Leprechaun if you want to know what cheer is about to happen next.

    10. Sir Big Spur (SCU Gamecocks)

    The live mascot at South Carolina games goes back to when Eric Hyman took over as athletic director in 2005 and was looking for a way to add excitement to the Gamecock football experience. Someone mentioned that a fan had been bringing a live rooster to Gamecock baseball games and the rest is history.

    11. The Mountaineer (WVU Mountaineers)

    The Mountaineer is one of the most active mascots on game days leading the student section in cheers throughout the game. Few mascots in college sports get the student section as pumped up as The Mountaineer, so don’t miss him when attending a West Virginia basketball game.

    12. Traveler (USC Trojans)

    Traveler is the name of the regal white horse that Tommy the Trojan will ride around during games. At the beginning of the game he and the Trojan come out to Conquest with the marching band. Traveler first made an appearance in 1961 and the current mascot is Traveler VII.

    13. UGA (Georgia Bulldogs)

    UGA is one of the most popular live mascots in college football. There have been generations of UGA throughout University of Georgia’s football history, and each one is just as cute and iconic as the other.

    14. Bevo (Texas Longhorns)

    Bevo is a burnt orange colored Texas longhorn steer and has been the official mascot of Texas University since 1916. Bevo is one of the most famous mascots in all of sports and can be seen at every Texas home game as well as away games. Keep your eyes peeled for Bevo as he is quite the sight to behold.

    15. Ralphie (Colorado Buffaloes)

    Ralphie is the live mascot for the Colorado Buffaloes football team and widely regarded as one of the best live mascots in sports. The newest Ralphie, Ralphie V, is a majestic beast that is 500 pounds and riles up the crowd by running onto the field before every game. Get to your seats before kickoff, so you don’t miss out on witnessing this one of a kind tradition.

    16. Cam the Ram (Colorado State Rams)

    CAM is the live Rambouillet sheep mascot of Colorado state. CAM can be found at every CSU football game, so make sure to stop by and snap a pic with him.

    17. Tusk (Arkansas Razorbacks)

    Live hogs have been a part of the Razorback tradition as early as the 1920s but weren’t a staple of the University until forty years later. Currently, a 380-pound Russian boar named Tusk is the live mascot for the Razorbacks, and he attends all home games. Be sure to catch him!

    18. Tuffy (NC State Wolfpack)

    It actually took years for NC State to look for the perfect live mascot to represent the Wolfpack. There was even a time they mistakenly got a coyote instead of a wolf and it wasn’t only until 2009 that N.C. State adopted the Tamaskan (German shepherd, Alaskan Malamute and Siberian husky mix) to be the mascot.

    19. Stella (Temple Owls)

    Stella, a great horned owl, began her career as Temple’s live mascot in 2013. During home games, Stella can be found cheering on the sidelines of Lincoln Financial Field alongside Temple’s official mascot, Hooter.

    20. Aurora (Air Force Falcons)

    Aurora is a beautiful and stunning rare White Phase Gyrfalcon who used to represent the Air Falcons during its games. It is the longest-serving mascot in Air Force sporting history, but unfortunately, Aurora passed away at the age of 23, but there is no doubt her spirit will live on forever.

    21. Peruna (SMU Mustangs)

    Peruna is SMU’s live Shetland pony mascot and has been at every SMU game for over 70 years. After each touchdown, Peruna and his handlers run across the field to the opposing team’s end zone in celebration. Peruna also has a penchant for fighting other mascots and once even took down Texas’s Bevo with a kick to the side. Keep your eyes on Peruna throughout the game as he is sure to provide some entertainment.

    22. Lady & Joy (Baylor Bears)

    What better way to represent the Baylor Bears but two live bears named Lady and Joy.Lady was acquired after a military group left it in the care of the university during World War I.

    23. Leo III & Una (North Alabama Lions)

    Division II’s University of North Alabama has also jumped on the live mascot bandwagon by having 2 African lions on campus. And there is no denying, they look absolutely majestic.

    24. Mike (LSU Tigers)

    Mike is the name of both the live and costumed versions of LSU’s official mascot. During home football games, Mike’s cage on wheels is positioned right outside the opponent’s locker room at the southeast end of the stadium, forcing the opposing team to run past him to access the field. Mike also rides through Tiger Stadium with the LSU cheerleaders before the game. When it is time for a new tiger to be found, LSU fans await the white smoke that will blow from the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine signifying a new mascot has been found.

    25. Ranger III and Stryker (Army Black Knights)

    When Navy used Bill the Goat as a live mascot during their games, Army thought of countering that by using a mule in 1899. And since then, the Army Black Knights would always be represented by the mules.