1. New York Yankees

    It’s not surprising that the Yankees are still dominating the MLB in terms of the number of World Series Wins. They have widened the gap among other teams with a whopping 27 World Series championships.

    2. St Louis Cardinals

    The Cardinals are second in line with a hefty 11 wins. But it pales in comparison to the winningest team of MLB.

    3. Boston Red Sox & Oakland Athletics

    The Red Sox and Athletics share the 3rd spot with 9 wins. 5 of the Oakland Athletics’ wins were they were still based in Philadelphia and were called the Philadelphia Athletics.

    4. San Francisco Giants

    The San Francisco Giants have a total of 8 World Series wins. However, 5 of these were during the time that they were based in New York and were popularly known as the New York Giants.

    5. Los Angeles Dodgers

    The Dodgers were not able to secure their supposed-7th Win against the Astros, but can still brag about their 6 World Series-winning records. One of which was when they were based in Brooklyn.

    6. Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates

    It’s been a while since these two teams got into World Series finals, however they are still able to pride themselves with their 5 wins.

    7. Detroit Tigers

    With a record of 4 World Series wings, the Detroit Tigers has since been struggling to take home another championship since 1984.

    8. Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves, Chicago White Sox, Minnesota Twins and Baltimore Orioles

    The Braves, White Sox, Orioles, and Cubs all share the 8th spot with 3 Wins, with the Cubs having the most triumphant wins in 2016, ending the longest drought in MLB history.

    9. Phillies, Indians, Mets, Royals, Jays, and Marlins

    2 Wins each for the Phillies, Indians, Mets, Royals, Jays and Marlins.

    10. Astros, Diamondbacks, Angels, and Nationals

    The Astros, Dbacks, Angels and Nationals having 1 World Series wins each, with Nationals recently joining the ranks by winning their first in 2019 against the defending champs, Astros.