1. AFA Alma Mater

After the game, Air Force players gather to sing the Air Force Alma Mater. The tradition is a great way for the team to show how much the United States and Air Force means to them and is quite the sight to behold for anyone in attendance.

2. Banners

On the concourse, you can see several banners celebrating the best players in Air Force history. The banners honor greats such as Cliff Parsons, Otis Jones, and Nick Welch, so take a trip around the concourse to see them all.

3. Air Force-Colorado State Rivalry

The intense rivalry between Air Force and Colorado State carries over from the gridiron to the hardwood. The two schools flat out don’t like each other, and a few years ago things came to blows when a mini-brawl broke out. There is plenty of bad blood between Air Force and Colorado State, so don’t miss it when the Rams come to town.

4. Falcons Mascot

You can spot the Falcons mascot at every Air Force home basketball game. The fun mascot entertains the crowd with his shenanigans and is especially great for kids, so be on the lookout for him at the game.

5. Cheerleaders and Dance Team

The cheer and dance teams at Air Force do an excellent job of entertaining the crowd. The cheerleaders get everyone up and cheering with their routines, and you won’t want to miss the dance team when they perform during breaks. Make sure to enjoy the performances of the Air Force spirit groups when attending a game.

6. Air Force-Army Rivalry

The Air Force-Army matchup is a fun game to attend each year. There are lots of bragging rights on the line when these two service academies get together, so make sure to be in attendance when the Falcons square off against the Black Knights.

7. Pep Band

If you’re at a game where the pep band attends then you’ll be in for a treat. The band performs the Air Force song and a few others throughout the game and help provide a great atmosphere at Clune Arena, so listen for them when attending a Falcons game.

8. Team Shop

If you’re looking to pick up a souvenir from your trip to Clune Arena, then make sure to stop by the team shop. Here you can get t-shirts, pins, pennants, and much more. There are a lot of options at the Air Force team shop, so you won’t have worry about leaving empty handed.

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