1. Banners

You’ll find a wealth of banners hanging up around James A. Rhodes Arena. The banners tell the story of Akron basketball over the years and honor the best players and coaches in program history including Bob Huggins, Wyatt Webb, and Tony Laterza. There is even a banner for the Zips beloved mascot Zippy, so make sure to take them all in during your trip to Akron.

2. Akron-Kent State Rivalry

Kent State is Akron’s archrival, so you’ll be in for a treat when attending a game between the Zips and the Golden Flash. Regardless of the sport these two teams and their fans hate each other. Make sure to get tickets when the Golden Flash come to town as here are few better matchups in the MAC than Akron-Kent State.


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3. Pride of Ohio Band

At Akron games you’ll find the band makes their presence well known throughout the game. The Pride of Ohio Band keeps the energy high at every game and puts lots of pride into helping give the Zips as much of a home court advantage as possible, so to put it simply this band has some swagger in their step during performances.


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4. Where Lebron Played

During Lebron James’s high school career, St. Vincent – St. Mary’s High School played their home games at James A. Rhodes Arena. When taking in a game at James A. Rhodes Arena, appreciate the fact you’re seeing a game where one of the greatest players of all time played before he hit it big.

5. Zippy

Zippy the kangaroo is the official mascot of the Akron Zips, and a can’t miss part of any Zips basketball game. He’s a favorite among Zips fans and the winner of the 2008 Capital One Mascot of the Year Award, so keep an eye out for Zippy when attending an Akron basketball game.


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6. Akron-Ohio Rivalry

Akron-Ohio may not have the history of some other rivalries, but it’s still one of the best rivalries in the MAC. The stakes are always high when the Zips and Bobcats meet as the two teams have consistently been among the best teams in the MAC over the last ten years. The two have met in several conference championship games since 2009, so don’t miss it when Akron and Ohio square off.


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7. Akron Cheer and Dance Squads

The cheer and dance squads entertain the crowd with delightful performances you won’t want to miss. The presence of these two pep squads gives an Akron game a real collegiate feel making them a big part of any Zips game.


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