Southerners know how to tailgate, and it’s no different at Alabama A&M. Bulldogs fans create delicious spreads of barbecue, chicken wings, coleslaw, corn, and more, meaning you won’t leave the tailgate hungry when visiting Alabama A&M.

In addition to delicious grub, you’ll also find lots of die-hard Bulldogs fans here in Normal, Alabama. The fans live and die with this team, and it shows on game days as the tailgate lots are packed full of fans dressed head to toe in maroon and white. Everyone comes out ready to cheer on the Bulldogs, so if you want to make some new friends quickly, all you have to do is start talking A&M football.

Get to the George E. Jones Tailgate Plaza early and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of Alabama A&M tailgating.


Homecoming Parade

Enjoy the homecoming parade before the homecoming football game. The parade is an excellent way to get into the Alabama A&M spirit, so make sure to check it out during your visit to Normal, Alabama.

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Where to tailgate

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