1. Crimson Chaos

Crimson Chaos is the official student supporter group of Alabama athletics and does an excellent job of making Coleman Coliseum a tough place for opponents to play. Join the students in their cheers and chants to give the Crimson Tide as much of a home court advantage as possible.

2. Foy-ODK Sportsmanship Trophy presentation

If you’re attending a Crimson Tide basketball game against Auburn in a year that Alabama won the Iron Bowl, enjoy the presentation of the Foy-ODK Sportsmanship Trophy. The presentation is held each year at the winner of the Iron Bowl’s home basketball game, so relive the victory during the trophy presentation.

3. Striped Ceiling

The striped ceiling is one of Coleman Coliseum’s defining features and is caused by bands of acoustic tiles. Take a minute to see the famous striped ceiling in person when attending a Crimson Tide basketball game.

4. Roll Tide Sign

At each end of the court is an illuminated sign spelling out Bama’s famous fan cry, “Roll Tide.” The sign was used as a noise meter in the past. However, today all the letters of the sign are continuously illuminated during the game making it a great tribute to this Crimson Tide cheer.

5. Roll Tide Roller Coaster

The Roll Tide Roller Coaster is Crimson Chaos’s signature free-throw distraction method. It does an excellent job of throwing opposing shooters off their game, so join in on the Roll Tide Roller Coaster if you’re sitting behind the basket.

6. Big Al

Since his debut at the 1980 Sugar Bowl, Big Al has been entertaining fans young and old at Crimson Tide sporting events. Look for Big Al at the game since you never know what he’ll get up to next.

7. Kids Area

The kids area on the concourse is a great place to take the family before the game. Here you’ll find a variety of activities for kids, which will keep them entertained up until tip-off.

8. Iron Bowl of Basketball: Alabama-Auburn

Football may overshadow basketball at these two SEC schools, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have an intense rivalry on the hardwood. No matter what the sport is, Alabama and Auburn have a strong hatred towards one another and you’ll be in for quite the treat when these two get together. It’s an even better matchup when Bama wins the Iron Bowl since Auburn school’s president presents the Foy-ODK Sportsmanship Award at the game making it a must see for any college sports fan.

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