Like elsewhere in the south, tailgating is a huge part of the football culture at Alabama State. Hornets fans arrive bright and early for an entire day of tailgating making a trip to a Hornets game worth it for the tailgate alone.

Everywhere you look on game days you’ll see Hornets fans dressed in black and gold barbecuing, drinking, dancing, and having fun. The fans here love to tailgate almost as much as they love their team creating a fun atmosphere that any tailgate fan will enjoy.

The New ASU Stadium and the Hornets return to campus have further improved an already fun tailgate experience as the new tailgating areas around the stadium offer just about any amenity you could want. There are plenty of restrooms as well as electrical hook ups near the tailgate making it easy for you to throw a party outside New ASU Stadium.

Finally, if you’re a Hornets fan, or even if you’re not, make sure to attend the Hornet Legends Walk. The Hornet Legends Walk is a must-see and your chance to see your favorite ASU players up close, so don’t miss it.

You’ll have a lot of time tailgating at Alabama State, so get here early and enjoy all the pregame festivities.


Hornet Legends Walk

Make sure to check out the Hornet Legend Walk before the game. The Hornet Legends Walk gives you the opportunity to see your favorite Hornets players up close before the game. The walk takes place two hours before kickoff and has the Hornets football team walk down Harris Way and continue between the Life Science and Abernathy building.

Where to tailgate

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