1. Simpsons Benches

The Isotopes name was inspired by The Simpsons episode “Hungry, Hungry Homer,” and a result, you can find Simpsons themed benches all around the ballpark. Snap a picture with your favorite Simpsons character when taking in a game at Isotopes Park.

2. McKernan Hall

Named after former Albuquerque Dukes general manager Pat McKernan, McKernan Hall is home to the Albuquerque Professional Baseball Hall of Fame and serves a tribute to professional baseball in the city. Diehard Albuquerque baseball fans won’t want to miss seeing McKernan Hall when visiting Isotopes Park.

3. Fun Zone

Located in right field, the Fun Zone is home to a variety of fun kids activities. Here you can find a playground, carousel, inflatables, and much more. If you’re looking to keep the kids entertained throughout the game, then you can’t beat the Fun Zone.

4. Giant Baseball

Make sure to get a picture with the giant baseball outside the Isotopes Park before the game. The giant baseball is located by the stadium’s main entrance and is a can’t miss for any taking in their first Isotopes game.

5. Kids Run

Why only let kids run the bases after games on Sunday when you can let them run them after every game? Kids can run the bases at Isotopes Park after every game, so stick around and take part in the fun.

6. Autographs

If you’re looking to get an autograph from your favorite Isotopes player, then you’ll be in luck. You can request autographs up until 15 minutes until game time, so make sure to take advantage of this great opportunity.

7. Orbit

Orbit is the official mascot of the Albuquerque Isotopes and is beloved by fans young and old. The goofy looking alien is a must-see part of any Isotopes game, so keep an eye out for him during your trip to Isotopes Park.

8. Isotopes Pro Shop

Make sure to check out Isotopes Pro Shop if you want to get a souvenir from your trip to Isotopes Park. At the Isotopes Pro Shop, you can find anything from caps to jerseys to shirts and much more.

9. University Stadium Lot

Tailgating isn’t allowed on Isotopes property, but never fear as UNM’s University Stadium is located right across the street and home to plenty of tailgating. If you want to grill out and throw back a few beers with friends before the game, then arrive early and set up shop in the University Stadium lot.

10. O-Zone

The O-Zone is the perfect place to have a birthday party, so reserve it for your son or daughter’s birthday party today. Here you’ll have an excellent view of the action on the field and get to meet Orbit making for a great birthday celebration.

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