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Appalachian State may be a football school first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find lots of dedicated fans at an App State basketball game. Mountaineers basketball fans are every bit as loyal and knowledgeable as the school’s football fans, even if there aren’t quite as many of them. The fans are a big part of what makes attending a Mountaineers basketball game such a great experience, so don’t be afraid to start up a conversation with them to learn more about the team.

In addition to great fans, Appalachian State basketball games also feature an incredible mascot. Yosef is one of the best mascots in the Sun Belt, and a can’t miss for anyone attending a Mountaineers sporting event. Keep an eye out for Yosef as you never know what Yosef will do next.

Finally, Boone offers the quintessential college town making it the perfect road trip destination. In Boone, you’ll find a good selection of bars and restaurants along King Street to check out, and each one has its own flair, so don’t be afraid to stop by as many as you can. That said if you’re a beer lover you’ll want to check out Lost Province Brewing Co. during your visit.

A trip to Boone is a fun time for any college hoops fan in the North Carolina area and offers plenty to see, so don’t hesitate to start planning your trip today.

Things to check out


You’ll find several banners hanging above the court at the Holmes Center. The banners celebrate all of the Mountaineers conference championships and their two NCAA Tournament appearances, so take them all in when attending an App State basketball game.


Yosef is the Appalachian State mascot who originally appeared in the school’s yearbook as a freshman in 1942. The name Yosef comes from the mountain speak word for “yourself.” He is a unique mix of scruffy and cuddly as he was created more in the vain of an Appalachian farmer than that of a pioneer like Daniel Boone. Keep an eye out for Yosef as you wouldn’t want to miss him during your trip to Boone.

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Pep Band

The App State pep band keeps the energy high inside the Holmes Center with their tunes and is a big part of any Mountaineers basketball game. The band plays a variety of schools songs including “Hi Hi Yikas,” so enjoy their performance throughout the game.

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Student Section

Unlike some schools that stick the student section at one end of the court, Appalachian State puts the loudest fans in attendance right at midcourt. The location of the student section makes them impossible to ignore, so enjoy the cheers and chants coming from the student section when attending a game at the Holmes Center.


The App State cheerleaders get the crowd pumped up with their routines. If you’re an App State or neutral fan, then join in the cheers to get the most out of your visit to Boone.

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Fight Songs

  1. Hi Hi Yikas

    Nobody like us,
    We are the
    Always a-winning
    Always a-grinning
    Always a-feeling fine
    You bet, hey
    Go Apps!
    Fight Apps!
    Go, fight, win Apps!

  2. Cherished Vision

    Alma Mater

    Cherished vision of the Southland,
    Alma Mater in the hills:
    Thou dost point our minds to wisdom,
    Till the truth our spirit thrills.
    Appalachian, Alma Mater of our hearts the
    joy and pride;
    Lead us ever, lead us onward,
    Vanguard of the Hero’s side.

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