1. Yosef

Yosef is the Appalachian State mascot who originally appeared in the school’s yearbook as a freshman in 1942. The name Yosef comes from the mountain speak word for “yourself.” He is a unique mix of scruffy and cuddly as he was created more in the vain of an Appalachian farmer than that of a pioneer like Daniel Boone. Look for Yosef to fire off his musket as the Mountaineers run up the score.

2. The Mountaineer Walk

The Mountaineer Walk is a chance for fans to give their team that last little burst of encouragement before the game. The walk takes place approximately 3 and a half hours before kickoff and is led by the band and cheer squad. Attending the Mountaineer walk is a sure fire way to get your Mountaineers revved for the game so that they’ll bring home the W.

3. The Scenery

The location of Kidd Brewer Stadium also makes attending a game here a unique and wonderful experience. The stadium is located in between the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and surrounded by several lush forests, which means that the surrounding area has a breathtaking array of fall colors on display during football season. The scenery adds to the intimacy of the stadium and makes Kidd Brewer Stadium a must-see for any big time college football fan.

4. Black Saturday

There are few better sights in college football than a Black Saturday at Kidd Brewer Stadium. Everyone is dressed head to toe in black making the Mountaineers crowd even more intimidating than usual. Make sure to wear black when attending a Black Saturday game.


5. The Fan Zone

The Fan Zone is located outside of Kidd Brewer Stadium’s West Gate and is a great tailgate area for the whole family. It features many fan-friendly and interactive activities that help create Appalachian State’s hometown atmosphere. If you’re looking for a place to tailgate that is fun for the entire family, look no further than the Fan Zone where you’ll be sure everyone will have a great time.

6. Appalachian State-Georgia Southern Rivalry

The Appalachian State-Georgia Southern rivalry stems from similarities rather than differences. Not only do the two schools have similar academic histories as they both were originally teacher colleges, but they also have similar histories on the Gridiron. Both joined the Sun Belt Conference in 2013 after building up a strong championship pedigree in the FCS. The two schools have met every year since 1993 with the Mountaineers holding a 16-13-1 advantage. Appalachian State looks to continue to have the upper hand in this rivalry.

7. Plaques and Pennants

Take a walk around the concourse to see all of the plaques and pennants celebrating the Mountaineers strong history. The plaques and pennants do an excellent job of honoring pasts greats, so make sure to check them out.

8. Marching Mountaineers

The 250 member Marching Mountaineers puts on an incredible show at Appalachian State football games. The band performs a variety of fan favorites, including “Hi Hi Yikas,” and puts on great pregame and halftime shows, so don’t miss the Marching Mountaineers during your visit to Boone.


9. Block A

Catch a glimpse of Appalachian State’s famous Block A on the hill at Kidd Brewer Stadium. The A shows off the pride the university has in its football program and lets fans know exactly where they are when attending a game at Kidd Brewer Stadium.


10. App State Chant

Each side of the stadium chants App and State back and forth. The chant is a great way to show off your App State pride, so join in on the chant and help give the Mountaineers as much of a home field advantage as possible.

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