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State Farm Stadium is a state of the art facility that features a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else in the NFL. There is a reason why the State Farm Stadium has hosted numerous Super Bowls and BCS Bowl Games. The modern architecture of this beautiful stadium is unmatched by any other sporting venue in the United States. The barrel cactus shape gives the stadium a distinctly Arizona feel, and the retractable field is the only one in the NFL giving you the feel that you’re at a venue unlike any other when attending a Cardinals game.

The Stadium holds roughly 70,000 fans and still manages to offer incredible sight lines from every seat in the house. You can’t go wrong no matter where you buy seats at the State Farm Stadium, so rest assured that you’ll be able to take in all the action when attending a Cardinals game. Don’t worry though if you do happen to miss anything on the field, the various large video boards displayed throughout the stadium will catch you up to speed.

Another thing that sets apart attending a Cardinals game from elsewhere in the NFL is the fact there are lots of transplants in Arizona, which means you’ll be able to find plenty of fellow fans of your teams if you’re coming out to support the visiting team. The mix of fans creates an interesting dynamic at Cardinals games where you’ll hear plenty of cheering for both sides.

Finally, the concessions at the State Farm Stadium are top notch. All throughout the stadium you’ll find locally inspired food and drink options. Authentic Mexican food, backyard BBQ, and Arizona-based craft beers are fantastic options to indulge in. Also, the stands are fairly reasonably priced ranging from the stands $6-$12 per purchase.

The State Farm Stadium offers an excellent game day experience that you and your friends or family will love, so don’t hesitate to make the trip to Arizona as soon as possible.

Things to check out

Hall of Fame and Ring of Honor

The Cardinals Hall of Fame and Ring of Honor pay tribute to some of the greatest players, coaches, and administrators in team history. It’s a great way to honor the all-time greats in Cardinals history, so check it out when visiting the State Farm Stadium. You’ll even be able to pay respect to the late Pat Tillman who has his special area commemorating his achievements both on and off the field.

Bud Light Game Zone

Tickets to the Bud Light Game Zone gives you access to the lower level of the south end zone where you can enjoy playing pool, bags, beer pong, and taking in action from around the league on large screen all while enjoying the atmosphere of a Cardinals game. You’ll even get unlimited food and drinks making the experience well worth the $30 price.

Retractable Playing Field

State Farm Stadium features the first fully retractable natural grass playing field in North America. If you get a chance to see the field move, it's a refreshing sight to see and also is one of the unique aspects of the stadium.

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The “Big Red” Siren

This tradition was introduced before the 2014 NFL season. At the start of every game the Cardinals set off the big red siren to pump up the crowd before kickoff. Make sure to get into the stadium before game time to hear the “Big Red” Siren and work yourself into a frenzy before kickoff.

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Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders

The Arizona Cardinals cheerleaders entertain the crowd at Cardinals games during stoppages in play. During games you’ll see a variety of routines, so stay tuned to see what they’ll do next.

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Fight Songs

  1. The Arizona Cardinals are Charging

    The official Cardinals fight song

    The Cardinals are charging
    Let’s cheer them on their way
    Let’s shout out with all our might
    We’ll show ’em how a team can fight
    For victory and glory
    Will make our joy supreme
    The pride of Arizona (all St. Louis)
    Our Arizona (St. Louis) Cardinal team.

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