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Chase Field was opened in 1998 and was the first stadium built with a retractable roof – only fitting for a state with notorious heat. For the hottest city in North America (average temperature during regular season baseball is a whopping 99 degrees), this roof was a must and the first of its kind in the United States. The Arizona Diamondbacks didn’t let their innovation stop there; a swimming pool was built in the right center field. An incident involving the pool only further ignited an already present rivalry between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers – after clinching the NL West in 2013, Dodgers players jumped into the pool much to the dismay of Arizona players and fans.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are a fairly new franchise have joined the National League in 1998, but that didn’t stop them from winning a World Series just a mere four seasons in the major leagues. The Diamondbacks may not have a storied past, but baseball does in Arizona as many teams frequent Arizona for spring training. Games against midwest and northeast teams such as the Chicago Cubs and the New York Yankees are often riddled with fans from the opposing team, but everyone that goes to Chase Field has one thing in common: a love for baseball and a great game day experience.  

Things to check out

Swimming Pool

One of the best and most unique things about Chase Field is the swimming pool inside the stadium. Located 415 feet from home plate in right-center field, the 35-person pool suite takes experiencing a baseball game to a whole different level.

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Sonoran Hotdog

Arizona fans love their bacon wrapped hot dogs, so getting one from the Red Hot Grill is a must while at Chase Field. Called the Sonoran, the hot dog is wrapped in mesquite-smoked bacon, covered in pico de gallo, ranch style beans, and a drizzle of mayo.

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World Series Trophy

The field houses the 2001 World Series trophy, as well as a highlight reel of their 2001 game 7 win which is a fun and interesting memento to see while at Chase Field.


Stop by the Rotunda and see several tributes to the history of the state of Arizona as well as the D-Backs. The Rotunda houses the D-Backs World Series trophy as well as other memorabilia.

TGI Fridays

This Friday’s built directly in the stadium overlooking left field offers one of the most unique views in all of baseball. Tickets to sit at some of the tables in Front Row Friday’s are a little pricey, and come with a one hour time limit, but it is an experience worth having if you’re able to do so

The Wave

Get ready to stand a lot during the Diamondbacks game because the fans here love to do the wave!

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D. Baxter the Bobcat

Don’t miss the D. Baxter at the game. The D-Backs mascot D. Baxter entertains the crowd throughout the game and kids love him, so give D. Baxter a high five if you see him on the concourse.

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Legends Race

Similar to the Sausage Race in Milwaukee, the Legends Race provides fun between inning entertainment and is a great way to honor some of the best players in D-Backs history. Enjoy the Legends Race and watch past favorites Randy Johnson, Luis Gonzalez, Mark Grace, and and Matt Williams duke it out.

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Fight Songs

  1. D-Backs Swing

    Played after victories at Chase Field

    And the gang’s all here
    We’ve got green grass, red hots and ice-cold beer
    We’re baseballs’ faithful Diamondback Fans
    Backin’ our home team
    Back in the stands

    Let’s go …
    Three up, three down
    Get the D-backs’ swingin’ and take it downtown
    where it’s …

    Going, going, going, gone!
    It’s outta here, boys, now bring it on home
    It’s a fact, Jack,
    I back, you back, we back the D-backs!

  2. Roof Opening Song

    There is no name for the song that is played when the retractable roof is being opened but CEO Derrick Hall compares it to “the clouds parting, very angelic”.

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