The vibe at Chase Field can vary from laid back, to fired up if the hated Dodgers or Giants are in town. Most people arrive about ninety minutes until the first pitch to wander around the local town/stadium and absorb the energy at Chase Field. The stadium was designed and executed with fan comfort and accessibility in mind, making for a great experience. One of the nicest fan amenities, especially in the Arizona heat, is the fact that the stadium is air conditioned, which goes a long way in keeping you comfortable in the scorching Arizona summer heat.

Tailgating is not allowed at Chase Field so the fans take their pre-game activities to the many bars within walking distance of the stadium. The festive atmosphere surrounding Downtown Phoenix before a Diamondbacks game is a great time for any baseball fan and creates an unforgettable experience you won’t soon forget.

It’s also worth noting that the regular season isn’t the only time Arizona catches baseball fever. Spring Training is huge in Arizona – teams from the midwest and northeast escape the cold and head to the Arizona heat. Because Arizona itself didn’t have a home team until 1998, you’ll find many Chicago Cubs and White Sox fans, as well as New York Yankees and Giants fans, in Arizona who want to see their teams play while they’re in town, so it isn’t unusual for spring training games to be just as exciting as the regular season.


Field Tour

For 7$ a person ($3 for kids), you can take a guided tour and learn a lot about the field. Depending on when you go, it’s possible you’ll have a private tour with just you and your party. Many fans will say to take advantage of this tour as the field has a lot to offer.

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Bat Scultpure

Check out the Chase Field bat sculpture outside the before entering the stadium. The sculpture presents a good photo op, which is a nice keepsake from your trip to Phoenix.

Fan Fest

Every year the Diamondbacks offer a Fan Fest which allows fans access to current Diamondback players, coaches, and broadcasters. Kids twelve and under are even given free autographs. Fans can also hit in the batting cages, watch a live sports broadcast (or even try out for FOX sports Arizona!), and many other activities. If you want to get into the baseball mood in the middle of winter make sure to check out D-Backs Fan Fest.

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Where to tailgate

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