Arizona State is known for being one of the biggest party schools in the country, and this reputation is backed up by the wild and rowdy tailgating atmosphere found on an ASU game day. Recently though the university has started cracking down a bit on some of the drinking having outlawed kegs and drinking games. These new rules don’t mean that Sun Devils fans have gone soft though as Arizona State is still one of the premier places to be if you’re looking for a rowdy alcohol-fueled tailgate.

Even with the new tougher tailgate rules, you’ll still find plenty of students and alumni out in the parking lots early as they prepare to cheer on the Sun Devils. While competitive drinking games are outlawed, you’ll still see many fans engaging in traditional tailgating games such as cornhole. The only difference is now everyone just makes sure to get nice and drunk before the games begin rather than engaging in games as a way to get drunk.

Grab a six pack, put on your maroon and gold, and head on down to Sun Devil Stadium for one of the craziest and drunkest tailgates in all of America. On second thought you should probably bring a case if you really want to fit in with the Sun Devil fans.


Devil Walk

Head over to Wells Fargo Arena, right next to Sun Devil Stadium, to cheer on the Sun Devils as they arrive on game day. You’ll want to get there two and half hours early, so you don’t miss any of the action.

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“A” Mountain

The tradition of “A” Mountain dates back over a hundred years. However, it hasn’t always been an A as ASU was founded as Tempe Normal School. When at Arizona State make the trek up to A Mountain as no trip to Tempe is complete without visiting the famous 60 foot high A.

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Techno Tailgate

If you love techno music than ASU’s Techno Tailgate is the pre-game destination for you. Come prepared to drink and dance when visiting Arizona State.

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Hall of Fame

The Sports Hall of Fame displays the history of ASU athletics from the early 1900s to today. Olympic memorabilia, exhibits about student-athletes who became professional athletes, and interactive stations playing video from notable games can all be enjoyed here in the first-floor lobby of the Carson Student-Athlete Center. It is open five hours before kickoff as well as Monday through Friday during regular business hours, so make sure to stop by if you get the chance.

Where to tailgate

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