1. Devil Walk

Head over to Wells Fargo Arena, right next to Sun Devil Stadium, to cheer on the Sun Devils as they arrive on game day. You’ll want to get there two and half hours early, so you don’t miss any of the action.

2. "A" Mountain

The tradition of “A” Mountain dates back over a hundred years. However, it hasn’t always been an A as ASU was founded as Tempe Normal School. When at Arizona State make the trek up to A Mountain as no trip to Tempe is complete without visiting the famous 60 foot tall A.

3. Hall of Fame

The Sports Hall of Fame displays the history of ASU athletics from the early 1900s to today. Olympic memorabilia exhibits about student-athletes who became professional athletes,  and interactive stations playing video from notable games can all be enjoyed here in the first floor lobby of the . It is open five hours before kickoff as well as Monday through Friday during regular business hours, so make sure to stop by if you get the chance.

4. The Inferno

Mostly clad in bright yellow, the student section at the southeast corner of the stadium will do anything and everything they can to distract the opposing offense. The band is on the opposite side in the north end zone, which allows them to distract the offense with music and yelling when they are facing away from the student section. If you want to be a part of the loudest and craziest fan block at a Sun Devils game, then get tickets in The Inferno.

5. Beautiful Buttes

Sun Devil Stadium is located between two buttes in the middle of a desert landscape. With views of the buttes as well as the Tempe Town Lakes, the scenery gives the stadium a pleasing aesthetic and even dictates how the stadium is shaped in some places. The beautiful landscape that surrounds Sun Devil Stadium means you’ll not only get a great view of all the action on the field, but also an excellent view of the natural beauty Arizona has to offer.

6. Mill Avenue District

The Mill Avenue District in downtown Tempe is a great location for weekend nightlife and dining. It has a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and stores that cater to a younger college crowd. Mill Avenue District is the epicenter of partying on ASU game days, so be sure to stop by before or after the game.

7. Tortilla Tradition

For many years, ASU students have thrown tortillas at football games. There is no clear origin of this tradition, but many claim it was started when a mascot threw a tortilla onto the field. Before the 2014 season, ASU tried to ban tortillas from Sun Devil Stadium as the food item joined the ranks of strollers and firearms as forbidden items at the facility. However, that hasn’t stopped students from trying to sneak tortillas into the game.

8. Pat Tillman Memorial Tunnel

Pat Tillman started his football career at ASU in 1994 before graduating and going on to play for the Cardinals. Tillman became a national hero when he left the NFL to join the Army and tragically lost his life in Afghanistan in 2004. To honor this great hero, a life-size statue of Tillman is displayed at the entrance of the new Tillman Tunnel that the ASU football team runs through onto the field. The tunnel is located at the north end of the stadium. Check out the tunnel and honor one of the greatest heroes the game has ever seen.

9. The Duel in the Desert

The Territorial Cup is awarded annually to the winner of the Arizona-Arizona State game. These two instate rivals have been fighting for the Territorial Cup since 1899 making it the oldest rivalry trophy in the NCAA. The two teams began playing annually in 1925 and over the decades the Wildcats have amassed a 48-39-1 lead over the Sun Devils, however since becoming recognized a university in 1958 the series is tied at 38-38-1. If you can only make it to one ASU game, then The Duel in the Desert is the one to see.

10. The Victory Bell

The Victory Bell located right outside of Sun Devil Stadium beckons students and fans to the stadium before every game. The bell is also rung after every Sun Devils victory for the number of points ASU scored. Stop by and check out The Victory Bell to get the most out of your ASU game day.

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