1. Bud Walton Arena Razorback Sports Museum

Located on the ground level of the arena, the Bud Walton Arena Razorback Sports Museum shows off the illustrious history of the Arkansas basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, and track and field programs. The museum is home to the Razorbacks’ national championship trophy from 1994, so stop by the museum and remember all of the best players and moments in Arkansas history.

2. Calling of the Hogs

Razorback fans will start the hog call by raising both hands in the air, waving their fingers as the volume gets louder, and saying “wooooo.” The arms go down with the word “pig” which immediately follows and then go back into the air in a fist motion during the word “sooie.” After the third time, the word “Razorbacks” will follow.

3. 1994 National Championship Display

All around the concourse you’ll see tributes to the great Razorbacks teams of the 1990s. The 1990s were an amazing time to be a Razorbacks basketball fan, so check out all of the displays during your visit to Bud Walton Arena.

4. The Hog Hat

The original style of one of the most recognizable pieces of fan apparel is a hard plastic hat with a long snout, rough razorback ridges across the top, and a sharp, pointed curley-cue tail. Modern versions of the hog hat are made with softer materials but regardless, no Razorback fans closet is complete without the hat!

5. Arkansas-Kentucky Rivalry

The Kentucky Wildcats are Arkansas biggest rivals on the hardcourt. The rivalry stems from when the Razorbacks entered the SEC in the 1990s and both teams were national championship contenders. While the rivalry may not have quite as much importance on a national stage as in the past, it still means a lot to Razorback fans so be in attendance when Kentucky comes to town.

6. Hog Heaven

Hog Heaven is your place to pick up a wide variety of Razorbacks gear. Here you’ll find an incredible selection of gear featuring all of the Razorbacks athletic programs, so stop by and pick up a souvenir from your trip to Fayetteville.

7. Banners

Hanging from the rafters of Bud Walton Arena are banners honoring all of the Razorbacks championships and Final Four appearances. Five of the banners honor the 1994 National Championship team, so find them all and remember the Razorbacks incredible run to the title.

8. Arkansas-Texas Rivalry

Back in the days of the Southwest Conference, Arkansas and Texas had an intense rivalry. Since the disbandment of the conference, the two teams no longer play regularly but if you can attend an Arkansas-Texas game make sure to take the opportunity to do so.

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