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Arkansas State’s First National Bank Arena is an excellent place to take in a game and is home to just about everything you’d want in a college hoops game. An Arkansas State basketball game features a fantastic band, a lively student section, and a loveable mascot making a trip to Jonesboro a great time for any Sun Belt basketball fan.

The A-State pep band, known as the Fast Break Band, is among the best pep bands in the Sun Belt and they help get and keep the crowd, especially the student section, loud throughout the game. The loud crowd and fantastic band go a long way in making a trip to Jonesboro an enjoyable experience for college hoops fans.

The spirit squads at A-State are also top notch as well. Howl is extremely popular among the Red Wolves faithful, and you’ll see why during your time at a Red Wolves basketball game as he goes all out to keep the crowd entertained. He’s not the only one though who puts on a good show as the A-State Cheerleaders and Red Wolves Dancers also pull out all the stops to entertain the crowd.

Lastly, if you’re looking for some pregame or postgame entertainment, then make sure to check out Main Street. Main Street is home to some of the most popular bars and restaurants in the Jonesboro area, including Skinny J’s, making it the perfect place to hang out before or after the game.

An Arkansas Red Wolves basketball game offer everything you’re looking for in a college hoops game and is a fun time for any Sun Belt basketball fan, so get your tickets today.

Things to check out


Hanging above the court are banners celebrating the biggest accomplishments in Red Wolves men’s and women’s basketball as well as volleyball and track and field. Check out all of the banners at the First National Bank Arena to remember your favorite moments in Red Wolves athletics history.

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Red Wolves Rising and other Signages

All around the arena you’ll find signs with the athletic program’s slogan “Red Wolves Rising.” The signs provide a nice touch and help make the First National Bank Arena feel like the home of the Red Wolves.

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Howl the Red Wolf

Howl is one of the coolest mascots in college sports as he is a bright red wolf with ferocious teeth. He is very active on the cheer squad and also can be seen patrolling the student section, so keep an eye out for him at the game.
The Howlers - The Howlers are the most diehard fans at any Red Wolves basketball game. These students go all out to support A-State win or lose, so enjoy their cheers and chants when attending a game in Jonesboro.
“Indian Uprising” - The “Indian Uprising” tradition dates back to the early 1980’s and has everyone in attendance on their feet for the opening tipoff. Stand with your fellow Red Wolves fans to show off your Arkansas State pride before the game.

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Spirit Squads

The A-State Cheerleaders and Red Wolves Dancers keep the crowd entertained throughout the game with their incredible routines. Don’t leave your seat when either of these groups takes the floor as you won’t want to miss them perform.

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Fast Break Band

Formerly known as the War Party, the Fast Break Band is the official A-State basketball pep band. The band keeps the energy inside the First National Bank Arena at a fever pitch with their tunes and is a big part of the Red Wolves hoops experience.

Fight Songs

  1. ASU Loyalty Song

    On, On, On to victory
    Brave team you’re second to none.
    Let’s make this game history
    along with the others we’ve won.

    with all your might
    so that the world may see that
    RED-W-O-L-V-E-S means Victory!

  2. Alma Mater

    Our Alma Mater ASU
    Your hallowed halls shall ring
    With praise by daughter and noble son
    Who proudly stand and sing
    Mem’ries of your stirring glory
    And of youthful friends we knew
    The red and black shall ever wave
    On high for ASU

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