If partying is your thing, then look no further than the student tailgate here at Arkansas State University. The student tailgate takes place in the grove to the east of the stadium, which offers plenty of shade to help you beat the heat during early September games. Located here are all the fraternity and sorority parties as well as the loudest music at the tailgate.

Arkansas has a long running tradition of delicious barbecue, and the tailgate at Red Wolves games is no exception. An ASU tailgate is a fantastic spot for barbecue whether you’re looking for a pulled pork sandwich or a full slab of baby back ribs. The locals supply a wide variety of tangy sauces each coming from their own secret recipe.


Red Wolf Walk

The Red Wolf Walk offers ASU fans a chance to see off the team before they take the field. The band leads the players and coaches through campus from the Pavillion to the locker room. The walk is an excellent way to get your Red Wolves ready to take down the opposition.

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Tailgate City

Tailgate City is the primary tailgate area set up by the school and community sponsors. Here the locals as well as local businesses set up shop to sell food, drinks, and even Red Wolves gear. The tailgate had grown in recent years and is a great place to head to before a game particularly if you left your Arkansas State gear at home.

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Where to tailgate

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