1. Army-Navy Rivalry

It’s always a big game when Army and Navy square off no matter what the sport. The two service academies have one of the oldest rivalries in college sports making it a can’t miss whenever these two get together. Don’t miss it when the Black Knights and Midshipmen face off on the court as you’ll be in for a good one.

2. Trophy Cases

Make sure to check out the trophy cases when entering Christl Arena. The cases are filled with a variety of trophies and memorabilia celebrating the best athletes and soldiers in school history making them a must-see.

3. Team Captain Plaques

The second floor contains plaques dedicated to all of the captains in Army athletics history, so stop by and check them out. The plaques honor Heisman Trophy winners such as Glen W. Davis and Peter Dawkins as well as legendary basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski.

4. Bob Knight Plaque and Photos

Bob Knight is one of the greatest coaches in basketball history and began his head coaching career at Army. Make sure to see all of the Bob Knight memorabilia around Christl Arena during your trip.
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5. Pep Band

The Army pep band will keep you entertained with their tunes throughout the game, so enjoy their performance during your trip to West Point.

6. Cheerleaders

Join the Army cheerleaders in rooting on the Black Knights. The cheer squad keeps everyone engaged in the action on the court and is a big part of any Army basketball game making them a must-see at any game.
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7. Army Mule

Don’t miss the Army mule mascot when attending an Army sporting event. The mule has been a symbol of the Army since 1899, and while you won’t find a live mule inside Christl Arena, the costumed version will provide plenty of entertainment.
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8. Army-Air Force Rivalry

The Army-Air Force matchup is a fun game to attend each year. There are lots of bragging rights on the line when these two service academies get together, so make sure to be in attendance when the Black Knights square off against the Falcons.

9. Banners

Despite the fact Army has never gone to the NCAA Tournament, you’ll find plenty of banners hanging above the court. The banners celebrate the Black Knights eight NIT appearances as well as some of the best players in Army basketball history, so take them all in during your visit to West Point.

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