When attending Braves spring training at Champion Stadium, you’ll want to get here early to make the most out of it. Champion Stadium is located at the Wide World of Sports Complex in the Disney World Resort giving you tons to see outside the ballpark. Even if you confine yourself to only the immediate surroundings, there is a ton to see including several athletic fields as well as a Wide World of Sports sculpture. If you venture further out to the rest of the Disney World Resort, the possibilities are endless.

Another perk getting to the ballpark early in the day is the ability to catch the Braves practicing before the games start. Practices are an excellent way to get up close to all of your favorite players as they offer access that you’d never get at a regular season game or even a spring training game. They also are the best time for you to snag an autograph from your favorite Brave as the Braves tend to sign things as they make their way to the ballpark.

Finally, enjoy the free parking when attending a Braves spring training game. The Braves are the only team to offer free parking in the Grapefruit League, so take advantage of it when visiting Champion Stadium.

Braves fans and Disney fans alike will love attending Braves spring training, so arrive at the ballpark early and get an autograph from your favorite player before the game.


Braves Practices

The Braves practice fields, or the Baseball Quadraplex as it’s called, are located behind the main stadium and open at 9:30 am. You’ll need a ticket to enter the practice area once games start, but before then they’ll be open to the general public.

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Disney World

Champion Stadium is right next door to the Happiest Place on Earth, so take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy everything Disney World has to offer when attending spring training.

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Wide World of Sports Sculpture

Get a picture with the Wide World of Sports sculpture before entering the park. The statue offers an excellent photo op, making it a must-see for anyone attending a Braves spring training game.

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Wide World of Sports Complex

The Braves spring training facility is located in the Wide World of Sports Complex giving you a ton to see before the game. The complex contains a variety of athletic fields, so take a walk around and take it all in before entering the ballpark.

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Where to tailgate

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