1. Falcons March

Before the game, Falcons fans line up at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and walk to the State Farm Falcons Landing with their fellow fans, the Falcons Drumline, Hype Crew, and Freddie Falcon. The Falcon March does an excellent job of bringing Falcons fans together and pumps everyone up before they even enter the stadium creating a fantastic game day atmosphere.

2. "The Gulch"

IIf you plan on having a smaller tailgate, The Gulch may be the lot for you. The Gulch consists of many smaller tailgates which make it easier for fans to roam around and visit other tailgates. Many radio and news stations come to The Gulch to perform interviews and take pictures, so if you are looking for your 2 minutes of fame, you may want to tailgate here.

3. Falcons Landing

Falcons Landing is the place to be before the game. It opens three hours before the game and is free of charge. Those of you bringing the whole family to the game will have a great time at Falcons Landing before the game where kids can enjoy a variety of activities and even meet Freddie Falcon.

4. Falcons Ring of Honor

For those true football or Atlanta Falcons fans, be sure check out the Falcons Ring of Honor located above the scoreboard. It pays tribute to many Falcons greats and shows some of the most memorable moments in team history.

5. College Football Hall of Fame

Right outside of the Georgia Dome Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the College Football Hall of Fame. If you love football then during your visit to Atlanta make sure to stop by the College Football Hall of Fame to complete your football themed trip.

6. Freddie Falcon

Freddie Falcon has been inspiring fans to get up and cheer for the Falcons for over 35 years and is a staple of any Falcons game day. His antics are sure to put a smile on your face, so look out for Freddie when attending your next Falcons game.

7. Yellow Lot

The Yellow Lot is located just north of the Georgia Dome right off of Northside Drive and is the ideal tailgating destination for those of you looking to set up a giant tailgate party. The lot holds about 1,300 vehicles and is home to the biggest tailgates before each home game. With such a huge parking space, spots are usually relatively easy to find so arriving early is not as necessary as with some other lots.

8. Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader

The Falcons cheer squad is made up of 40 members and does an outstanding job of entertaining the crowd and keeping them involved in the game. The Falcons cheerleaders put on some great routines that will get you out of your seat and cheering hard for the team.

9. Freddie's Cheer

This simple cheer takes place right before every kickoff the crowd goes, “Gooooooooooooo,” and then once the ball is kicked, the crowd yells “Go Falcons, Go!” This fun chant gets the crowd riled up and ready to cheer on the Falcons, so join in on the fun during your visit to the Georgia Dome.

10. Southern Showdown

The biggest rival for the Atlanta Falcons is the New Orleans Saints. The rivalry has even garnered the nickname the “Southern Showdown” or “Dixie Championship” due to its importance among the fans. Currently, the Falcons lead the all-time series 49-43, but since Sean Payton and Drew Brees showed up on the scene, the Saints have dominated the series with 13 victories out of the last 17 matchups. These are by far the most intense games for fans to go to as the rivalry is the oldest and most established in the NFC South.

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