1. Dominique Wilkins Statue

When attending a Hawks game make sure to snap a picture with “The Human Highlight Film” outside State Farm Arena’s main entrance. There’s nothing better than seeing a tribute to one of the greatest players in not only Hawks history, but the history of the NBA so stop by this statue when in town.

2. Sir Foster

The Hawks’ organist Sir Foster provides an incredible in-game experience by putting his own spin on hip hop hits you know and love. Keep your ears peeled for these jams as they’ll get you out of your seat and dancing.

3. 3D Projection System

The 3D Projection system at State Farm Arena is one of the most impressive things you’ll see at any sporting event. The system can make the court vanish into a beautiful display featuring unparalleled depth. Take a video of this incredible technology during your trip to State Farm Arena.

4. Banners

The banners hanging in State Farm Arena do an excellent job of honoring great Hawks players and teams of the past. The banners commemorate the 1958 championship team as well as Hawks legends including Dominique Wilkins and Lou Hudson. Make sure to check these out when visiting Atlanta.

5. Harry the Hawk

Harry’s crazy antics will put a smile on your face and keep you entertained during breaks in the action. No matter what the score Harry will put on a show that appeals to even the youngest of fans.

6. Celeb Sightings

Atlanta is one of the hubs for hip hop music, so keep your eyes open for a variety of rappers and hip hop artists who make their home in Atlanta. Chances are you’ll spot one of the many Atlanta-based rappers including TI or 2 Chainz.

7. Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders

The Hawks Cheerleaders give the Hawks a boost by getting everyone on their feet and cheering. Keep an eye out for the cheerleaders and listen to their instructions to really get into the game when visiting Atlanta.

8. Great Value

The Atlanta Hawks provide one of the best values in all of the NBA thanks to their affordable ticket prices and strong teams they’ve put on the court in recent years. You can typically find tickets to Hawks game for as little as $30 meaning that a trip to Hawks game is well within the budget of most fans.

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