Atlanta United may have just joined Major League Soccer, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find an incredible pregame atmosphere when attending an Atlanta United game. The area surrounding Bobby Dodd Stadium is buzzing with excitement on game days, and you can feel the love and pride Atlantans have for this team.

Before making the trip to Atlanta sign up for one of the supporter groups, so you can take part in their incredible tailgate parties. Atlanta United has four supporters groups: Footie Mob, The Faction, Resurgence, and Terminus Legion and each one of them throw an incredible pregame party.

Being that this is Atlanta, you’ll find lots of traditional tailgating full of delicious barbecue. Southerners know how to tailgate as can be seen by what goes on during Saturdays in the fall, so don’t hesitate to take part in the pregame fun when attending an Atlanta United game.


Pregame March

Join the Atlanta United supporters groups in their march to Bobby Dodd Stadium. The march is an excellent way to show off your Atlanta United pride and a great way to meet some fellow fans, so take part in the fun.

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The Varsity

Atlanta United is playing at Georgia Tech’s Bobby Dodd Stadium, so make sure to check out The Varsity. The restaurant originally opened by a former Georgia Tech student primarily caters to Tech students and is famous for its quick service and ability to get fans to the game on time. If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat before an Atlanta United game, look no further than The Varsity.

Footie Mob, The Faction, Resurgence, and Terminus Legion Tailgates

The Atlanta United supporter groups throw some incredible tailgate parties, so join one of the groups. These tailgates offer food, drinks, friendship, and much more making them a great place to party before the game.

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Where to tailgate

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