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Austin Peay is home to a fun small school football experience that any FCS football fan will enjoy. The people of Clarksville come out in good numbers to support their local team, and you’ll typically find the stands at Fortera Stadium packed with fans dressed in red and white. Austin Peay’s stadium may not be the biggest in the game, but its quaint size puts you and your fellow fans right on top of the action creating an excellent atmosphere.

No group of fans does a better job of supporting the Governors than the PeayNuts. The PeayNuts is the name of the student section at Austin Peay, and all throughout the game, they’ll make a lot of noise to help the Governors bring home the W.

The PeayNuts aren’t the only ones who make a lot of noise at Governors games. The Governors Own Marching Band does a great job of setting the tone with their tunes during the game. All throughout the game you’ll be serenaded by the sounds of the GOMB, so enjoy the atmosphere they create inside Fortera Stadium.

Austin Peay is home to a fantastic atmosphere, so enjoy your trip to Clarksville for some FCS football.

Things to check out

Blake Jenkins Plaza and Hendricks Fox Walk of Fame

Make sure to check out the Blake Jenkins Plaza and the Hendricks Fox Walk of Fame during your visit to Fortera Stadium. The Hendricks Fox Walk of Fame honors all of the players in Governors football history and features each player's name. If you or a loved one played for Austin Peay, look for their name on the Hendricks Fox Walk of Fame.

Governors Own Marching Band

The Governors Own Marching Band puts on a fantastic show at every Austin Peay football game. The band creates an amazing atmosphere, and their pregame and halftime shows are must-see parts of any game.

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The PeayNuts are the official Austin student section, and some of the loudest and wildest fans at Governors games. If you want to be a the heart of the action, then get tickets near the PeayNuts.


The Austin Peay cheerleaders pump up the crowd with their cheers and chants. Join in and help give the Governors an incredible home field advantage.

Fight Songs

  1. Smash Bang

    Smash! Bang! To Victory
    Go the Governors of Austin Peay
    Clash! Clang! It’s Misery
    For the minions of the Enemy
    Fight On and
    Smash! Bang! to Score Again
    For It’s Ready, Set, 1, 2, 3!
    Smash Bang! Biff Bam! Clash Clang! Rim Ram!
    Dash Along to Victory!
    Let’s Go Peay!

  2. All Hail to Austin Peay

    All Hail To Austin Peay
    All Hail our Alma Mater,
    All Hail to Austin Peay,
    Forever faithful to thy standards will we ever be,
    We love thy campus beauty, serene in dignity,
    And so we proudly sing this song in praise of thee,
    All Hail, All Hail,
    We sing in praise of thee,
    We love our Alma Mater,
    All Hail to Austin Peay.

  3. Let’s Go Peay!

    Let’s Go Peay!

    Let’s Go Peay!

    Let’s Go Peay!

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