1. Tailgate Alley

Tailgate Alley is the hub of tailgating at Austin Peay, so if you have the opportunity reserve a spot in Tailgate Alley. Here you’ll be at the center of the action and get to tailgate alongside some of the most die-hard tailgaters at Governors games making Tailgate Alley the premier tailgate destination.

2. Sgt. York Trophy

The Sgt. York Trophy is awarded to the winner of the four-way rivalry between, Austin Peay, Tennessee State, Tennessee Tech, and UT Martin. There is more than just a win in the standing on the line when these Tennessee-based Ohio Valley Conference teams meet, so don’t miss it when the Governors take on one of their Tennessee-based rivals.


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3. Blake Jenkins Plaza and Hendricks Fox Walk of Fame

Make sure to check out the Blake Jenkins Plaza and the Hendricks Fox Walk of Fame during your visit to Fortera Stadium. The Hendricks Fox Walk of Fame honors all of the players in Governors football history and features each player’s name. If you or a loved one played for Austin Peay, look for their name on the Hendricks Fox Walk of Fame.

4. Team Walk

The team walk takes place at Tailgate Alley two hours and 15 minutes before kickoff and is your chance to greet the Governors as they make their way to the stadium. It’s the perfect way to get into the Austin Peay game day spirit making the team walk a can’t-miss part of the pregame festivities.

5. Governors Own Marching Band

The Governors Own Marching Band puts on a fantastic show at every Austin Peay football game. The band creates an amazing atmosphere, and their pregame and halftime shows are must-see parts of any game.

6. PeayNuts

The PeayNuts are the official Austin student section, and some of the loudest and wildest fans at Governors games. If you want to be a the heart of the action, then get tickets near the PeayNuts.

7. Kids Zone

If you’re taking the kids to the game, then make sure to stop by the Kids Zone in Tailgate Alley. The Kids Zone features inflatables and other kids activities making it a great place to spend some family time before the game.

8. Battle of the Border

The rivalry on the gridiron between the Governors and Racers began in 1953 and recently became part of the Battle of the Border rivalry between the two schools. No matter what the sport there are always a lot of bragging rights on the line when Austin Peay and Murray State square off, so don’t miss it when the Racers come to town.

9. Concerts

Tailgate Alley will be home to several concerts featuring local acts throughout the season. The concerts are a fun way to spend some time before the game, so make sure to check them out.

10. Cheerleaders

The Austin Peay cheerleaders pump up the crowd with their cheers and chants. Join in and help give the Governors an incredible home field advantage.

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