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With a capacity of 11,500, Worthen Arena is the second largest arena in the MAC, and when the Cardinals are at their best, the arena is rocking, making a trip to Muncie an excellent experience for any MAC basketball fan. Just like Hoosiers all over the state, the people of Muncie love their team and come out in strong numbers to support the Cardinals when they’re doing well.

The band and spirit squads also help make a trip to Muncie a fun experience for basketball fans. The band creates a great deal of the atmosphere inside Worthen Arena, and the cheerleaders and dance team put on an incredible show you won’t want to miss. Even the mascot at Ball State is top notch, as you’ll find Charlie interacting with fans of all ages throughout the game.

Additionally, during your trip to Muncie make sure to stop by University Avenue to grab a drink or bite to eat after the game. The strip is a favorite among students, and you’ll find several great establishments including Heorot Pub & Draught House, Scotty’s, and Savage’s Ale House.

A trip to Muncie is a good time for any MAC hoops fan, so get your tickets to a Ball State game today.

Things to check out

Ball State Athletics Hall of Fame

The Ball State Athletics Hall of Fame, located on the concourse, is a must-see for any college sports fan. The Hall of Fame honors each inductee with a plaque and includes legends such as Ball State basketball great Bonzi Wells, so make sure to check it out.

Championship and Retired Number Banners

Take a look at the rafters before the game to remember all of your favorite Cardinals teams and players of the past. The banners honor legends including Ray Mccallum and Bonzi Wells as well as Ball State’s conference championships.

1990 Sweet Sixteen Plaque

Make sure to see the 1990 Sweet Sixteen plaque during your visit to Worthen Arena. The plaque celebrates the greatest team in Ball State history and is a can’t miss for any longtime Cardinals basketball fan.

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The Nest

The Nest is a rowdy student section found at every Ball State game. Indiana is a basketball made state, so it should come as no surprise that the Ball State students go all out to support their team. If you want to sit with the loudest and wildest fans at the game, then make sure to get tickets in the student section.

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Charlie the Cardinal

Charlie the Cardinal is an awesome mascot and can be seen all over the stadium during the game. While most mascots stay down on the court, he uses the entire stadium as his stomping grounds. He may be with the band one minute, out on the in The Nest he next, and then before you know it he may be sitting right next to you.

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Rock the Red

When you head to the game make sure you bring all of the red and black you’ve got to blend in with the crowd. Whether you make a stop at the bookstore and grab some official gear or if you’re coming in from Chicago and want to bring your Blackhawks jersey then go ahead since you can’t have too much red in Muncie.

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Pride of Mid-America Band

The Pride of Mid-America Band energizes the crowd inside Worthen Arena at every Ball State home game. On game days you’ll find the band performing excellent renditions of traditional favorites like the school’s fight song and alma mater as well as many contemporary favorites. The band creates an incredible atmosphere at every Cardinals basketball game, so enjoy their musical stylings throughout the contest.

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Cheerleaders and Code Red Dance Team

The cheerleaders and dance team at Ball State are a big part of the in-game experience. The squads pump up the crowd throughout the game and do an admirable job trying to keep the energy high. Don’t leave your seat when either of these spirit groups performs as you’ll be in for quite a show.

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Fight Songs

  1. Fight Song

    When the Cardinals take the court you’ll hear the Ball State band thundering along in the background playing the Ball State fight song.

    Fight team fight for Ball State
    We must win this game
    Onward now you Cardinals
    Bring glory to your name
    Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Here’s to both our colors
    Cardinal and White
    Praying for a victory
    So fight, fight, fight!

  2. Alma Mater

    Dear Alma Mater, hear our vow,
    Of faith and trust in thee.
    Thy spirit hovers near us now,
    And through eternity;
    Thy colors true of red and white,
    Shall e’er exalted be -—
    We’ll honor thee both day and night,
    Dear Alma Mater we love thee.

    Dear Alma Mater, hear our cry,
    Of laud and praise to thee.
    To bring thee honor e’er we’ll try,
    No matter where we be;
    Fond memories we e’er shall hold,
    Of Ball State College dear -—
    Though years may pass and we grow old,
    May Alma Mater, still be near.

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