Tailgating is a big part of game days at Ball State with the tailgate lots opening up three hours before kickoff. Spots cost $5/space, so feel free to buy multiple spots to set up a full tailgate site equipped with tents, grills, and even your couch if you can fit it in. The tailgate stretches across all three parking lots meaning you’ll have no problem finding an excellent tailgate spot.

If you’re looking to let loose and get wild, then The lawn areas are the spot for you. Here you’ll find the wildest parts of the tailgate.  The parking lots themselves are great places to set up your grills and sit around and chat, but if you want to pretend you’re back in college head out to the lawn section and bring your game face.

There are many different drinking games to take part in when tailgating at Ball State, so feel free to take part in the pre-game festivities. If you come across some random fence posts in the middle of the lawn, stand back, watch, and learn. This is a game where 2 teams place a beer on a fence post and use a frisbee to attempt to knock over the beer.  If you’re beer get’s knocked over you, have to chug a beer. This game can go on as long as either team feels like playing. If you come across a bunch of girls with a table, you’ve just walked into a flippy cup game. There are many variations of this game but either way, a few rounds will get the job done.  
The tailgate at Ball State offers a great deal of drinking, fun, and school pride, so head down to Muncie for one of the best tailgate atmospheres the MAC has to offer.


Tailgate Town

Here at Ball State two local radio stations broadcast from the parking lot tailgates before the game and run a variety of contests and games creating a fun pre-game atmosphere filled with plenty of fans. The stations broadcast from different lots, so no matter where you set up your site you’ll be within a short distance of these two tailgating hotspots.

Charlie Town

There is something for everyone to check out at Charlie Town. Here on the west lawn of the Alumni Center, you’ll find food, music, and a family fun zone. Charlie Town opens two hours before kickoff, so stop by and bring the entire family.

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Cardinal Walk

It’s not all drinking and carousing at the tailgate though there is plenty of Cardinals pride and tradition on display as well. One of the best traditions at Ball State is the Cardinal Walk where the team is joined by the Pride of Mid-America Band, the Ball State Cheerleaders, and the Mascot Charlie Cardinal as they make their way to the stadium. The fans cheer on the players and pep squads as they enter the stadium creating a grand entrance for the team’s arrival. The Cardinal walk presents you a great opportunity to get close to the players meaning you won’t want to miss out on this incredible opportunity.

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Where to tailgate

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