1. Road to Camden Yards Sign

Take a minute to see the road sign that tells you the distance between Ed Smith Stadium and Camden Yards. The signpost also contains the distances between Ed Smith Stadium and the Orioles’ minor league affiliate’s ballparks, so make sure to check it out.

2. Autographs

If you want to snag an autograph from your favorite Orioles player, then head on down to sections 101-106 along the first base line before the game. There is no better way to commemorate your trip to Orioles spring training then by getting an autograph, so take advantage of this opportunity.


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3. Cafe 54

Named after the year the Orioles moved to Baltimore, Cafe 54 is an excellent place to enjoy a meal at Ed Smith Stadium. Cafe 54’s menu includes sandwiches, wraps, and much more, so you won’t have to worry about leaving the ballpark hungry.

4. Left Field Pavilion

Enjoy a unique in-game experience at the Left Field Pavilion. The Left Field Pavilion is located just beyond the left-field fence and offers drink rails and bistro tables, making it the perfect place to socialize at the game. The Left Field Pavilion also features Pre-Game Picnics, which are excellent for any group of 20 to 200 guests.

5. Orioles Official Team Store

Pick up some new Orioles gear at the Orioles Official Team Store. Here you’ll find a wide selection of items including exclusive spring training merchandise and memorabilia.

6. Third Base Lounge

Those of you looking to enjoy an O’s spring training game in style will want to get tickets in the Third Base Lounge. The Third Base Lounge features a climate-controlled bar and premium outdoor seating, making it an excellent place to take in a game.

7. Orioles Practices

Those of you arriving to spring training early will want to take the opportunity to see the O’s practice. Up until March 4th, you can watch your favorite Orioles players and prospects practice at the practice fields adjoining Ed Smith Stadium. Practices take place from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm every day, so don’t miss them.

8. Ed Smith Stadium Marquee

Don’t miss the stadium marquee as you make your way to the ballpark. The marquee lists the O’s opponent and features three flags, one for every Orioles World Series championships.

9. World Series Suites

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive group outing, then reserve one of the three World Series Suites. The World Series Suites are numbered 66, 70, and 83 after the O’s three World Series titles and offer great views, a climate-controlled setting, and a flexible menu.

10. Seats from Camden Yards

All the seats at Ed Smith Stadium are originally from OPACY, which is a fun way to tie the ballpark to the O’s regular season home in Baltimore.

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