1. Eutaw Street

Located behind right field, Eutaw Street is a fan-favorite. Here you’ll great food and beverage options, as well as phenomenal retail options for fans and incredible baseball atmosphere. You may even catch a home run ball if you’re in the area during the game, so make sure to check out Eutaw Street during your visit to Camden Yards.

2. Orioles Legends Park

Six massive bronze sculptures are showcased in the Legends Park which commemorates some of the greatest members of the O’s organization including Frank Robinson and Cal Ripken Jr.

3. B&O Warehouse

The B&O Warehouse is an iconic part of Camden Yards. From the upper deck, you can see the warehouse, along with a great view of the Baltimore Skyline. The warehouse is the largest brick building on the east coast. It was originally built as a warehouse for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, but it is was converted in 1992 by the Orioles into team offices, team spaces, and private clubs.

4. Thank God I'm a Country Boy

A unique Baltimore tradition is the playing of John Denver’s 1974 classic song, “Thank God I’m a Country Boy,” during the seventh inning stretch. It started back in the late 70’s and stuck with the fans. It’s a great tradition that not many other stadiums around MLB have and it’s a fun way to interact with other fans around you.

5. Babe Ruth Statue

Right outside the stadium is the statue of Babe Ruth, but look closely! The statue was built with an error, so check it out and see if you can find it.

6. Homerun Landmarks

For every home run hit onto Eutaw Street, a plaque is placed at the exact spot the ball lands. The plaques are labeled with the player’s name, team, distance, and date. A long list of Hall of Famers have their names here so make sure to check them out while exploring Eutaw Street.

7. Retired Numbers

In the same plaza as the Babe Ruth statue are giant numbers honoring the best players in Baltimore Orioles history. The numbers honor greats such as Cal Ripken Jr., Eddie Murray, Jim Palmer, and Brooks Robinson. Check out the retired numbers to remember all of your favorite Orioles from the past.

8. "O"

It is tradition for the fans at Camden Yards to remain silent during the singing of the National Anthem until the line “Oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave…” and shout “O!” in tribute to the Baltimore Orioles.

9. Center Field Bar

A new addition to the bar in recent years, the Center Field Bar offers an excellent place to take in a ball game. It’s equipped with one large bar to serve dozens of fans and numerous tables for people to sit and enjoy the game from a great view. To get a seat at this location, you must get to the ballpark as early as possible but it’s the perfect place if you’re going to the game in a large social group of friends or coworkers.

10. Flag Court

If you’re looking to experience Camden yards, but don’t want to break the bank get standing room tickets in right field. The Flag Court offers a great place to see the game and it’s also a hotspot to meet the Orioles mascot, the Oriole Bird.

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