1. Sic em Bears

Raise your bear claw in the air with a sustained “heyyyy…” and shake your claw as if energy is surging through your arm, then explode with a booming “sic em!” as you swipe your bear claw down and across your body like a bear slashing it’s prey, and finish with your claw in the air like a bear holding the still-beating heart of its opponent and give a fierce “Bears!” yell. Join in the “Sic em Bears” chant to show off your support for the Bears.

2. Immortal Ten Memorial

Stop by the Immortal Ten Memorial at the Traditions Plaza to pay respects to the Immortal Ten. The Immortal Ten lost their lives in a bus accident in 1927, which remains one of the biggest tragedies in college basketball history so make sure to pay your respects when visiting Baylor.

3. Spirit Squad

The Baylor Spirit Squad consists of the Coed Yell Leaders, All-Girls Yell Leaders, and the Songleaders. These groups do an excellent job of riling up the crowd and bringing everyone inside the Ferrell Center to their feet, so join in their chants and cheers when attending a Baylor game.

4. Trophy Case

When attending a Baylor basketball game, make sure to check out the Bears trophy case on the concourse. The trophy case shows off all of the accolades won by the Bears over the years and is a must see for any Bears fan.

5. Mural

The mural on concourse shows off Baylor’s winning tradition as well as some of its best teams. Check out the mural to remember the Bears 2013 NIT win as well as many other great Baylor basketball moments.

6. Bruiser and Judge

The Baylor mascots entertain fans young and old. The two Bears mascots do an incredible job of keeping things fun even when Baylor is losing, so keep your eyes open for these lovable goofs.

7. The Bear Pit

The Bear Pit student section is home to the loudest and rowdiest fans inside the Ferrell Center. Join in on the student section cheers to help aid the Bears in their quest for victory.

8. Bear Claw

Introduced by the Baylor Yell Leaders in the 1960s, the Bear Claw is a hand signal used by all Bears fans throughout the game. The hand signal is made by slightly curving all five fingers to form a claw and is a great way to show off your Baylor spirit.

9. Newspapers

Before the game, everyone in the Bear Pit receives a paper, which they read as the opposing team is introduced. Following the player intros, the newspapers are ripped up and thrown into the air celebrating the start of the game. Keep your eyes open for this fun tradition when attending a Bears game.

10. Banners

Hanging from the rafters are various banners celebrating the Bears many accomplishments. The banners honor the Baylor’s best teams and players over the years, so take them all in to remember your favorite Bears basketball memories.

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