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Baylor is in the heart of Texas, and as a result, you better believe that Baylor fans live and die with their Bears. The newly opened McLane Stadium is a testament to the city of Waco’s love for the Bears as its one of the finest facilities in the Big 12. The $266 million state of the art facility is home to a wealth of amenities meaning you’ll find all of the creature comforts when attending a Bears game.

In addition to the Bears incredible new home, you’ll also experience a great in-game atmosphere when attending a Baylor football game. The love for the Bears can be felt all throughout Waco, especially inside McLane Stadium. The crowd works itself into a frenzy on game days, and you won’t be able to help but join in on the Baylor cheers and chants, unless you’re rooting for the other team of course.

Finally, you’ll find lots of pageantry on display at a Baylor game. The cheerleaders, marching band, and mascot Bruiser all do a superb job of enhancing the atmosphere with their performances. That said the most unforgettable part of a Bears football game is the Baylor Line, which takes place before the game so make sure to get to your seat early and take in this fun tradition.

The Bears beautiful new stadium, great fans, and wonderful traditions make attending a Baylor football game an unforgettable experience, so plan your trip to Waco today.

Things to check out

Baylor In-game App

The athletic department at Baylor University released a mobile app which showcases breaking news, live stats, instant replay, and real-time parking information. Don’t worry about data usage as McLane Stadium also offers free WiFi.

Joy and Lady

It’s only fitting to have two live bears on the stadium premise for the Baylor Bears. During the first half of the game, Joy and Lady can be seen housed and on leashes in the end zone by the video board.

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Bear Claw

Introduced by the Baylor Yell Leaders in the 1960s, the Bear Claw is a hand signal used by all Bear fans throughout the game. The hand signal is made by slightly curving all five fingers to form a claw.

Baylor Line

The Baylor line is of one Baylor’s longest, strongest, and most unique traditions over the years. It involves almost all the of the student section running onto the field before the game and then making a massive tunnel for the players to run through as they start the game.

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Sic em Bears

Raise your bear claw in the air with a sustained “heyyyy…” and shake your claw as if energy is surging through your arm, then explode with a booming “sic em!” as you swipe your bear claw down and across your body like a bear slashing it’s prey, and finish with your claw in the air like a bear holding the still-beating heart of its opponent and give a fierce “Bears!” yell

Fight Songs

  1. That Good Old Baylor Line

    That Good Old Baylor Line  

    That Good Old Baylor Line  

    We’ll march forever down the years  

    As long as stars shall shine  

    We’ll fling our green and gold afar  

    To light the ways of time  

    And guide us as we onward go  

    That Good Old Baylor Line!  

  2. Old Fight!

    Bear down you Bears of old Baylor U,

    We’re all for you (GO BEARS)

    Show dear old Baylor spirit

    Through and through (GO BEARS)


    Fight them with all your might

    You Bruins bold

    And win all our victories for the Green and Gold!


    (spellout) B – A – Y – L – O – R


    Baylor Bears Fight!

    Fight them with all your might

    You Bruins bold

    And win all our victories for the Green and Gold!

    BAY – LOR – Baylor Bears Fight!

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