1. Sailgating

With the new McLane stadium sitting right near Brazos River, Baylor fans have recently started sailgating to the stadium. Nicknamed “Bearmada,” the river takes on a green and gold tint on game days as fans sail down the river in pontoons, houseboats, kayaks, and everything in between as early as 8 am.

2. Touchdown Alley

Located on the southeast side of the stadium, Touchdown Alley offers a variety of entertainment for fans to enjoy, including a 24-foot climbing wall. Four hours before kickoff, ESPN Central Texas broadcasts live for a pre-game show, as well as showcasing a live stream of other college games from across the country. See if you can “run like a bear” with the advent of the Baylor Combine; contestants run through an obstacle course and see if their 40 yard dash time can compete with the leaderboard.

3. The Bear Walk

In the heart of the tailgating area next to Touchdown Alley and the Baylor Alumni Network Tent, the proud Baylor Bears will walk along the basin bridge and into the stadium three hours before kickoff. It is a fun and exciting way for the town and fans to fire up the Bears as they prepare for the game.

4. Sic 'em Bears

The signature battle cry of all Baylor fans has fired up the Bears and intimidating opponents for years. The sic ‘em Bears starts with waving your right “bear claw” in the air while shouting “heyyyy,” quickly followed up by slashing your hand across your body as if you’re tearing into the opponent and ends with a resounding “Sic ‘em Bears!” and your hand back in the air. What’s more intimidating than the sic ‘em Bears? Chuck Norris is doing the Sic ‘em Bears.

5. Golden Wave Marching Band

For over a hundred years, the Golden Wave Marching Band has been firing up the Baylor Bears and fans alike. With 340 members, the band proudly represents Baylor University in the regular season and bowl games. They also proudly lead the Baylor Line onto the field before every home game; composed of entirely new students, the Baylor Line rushes the field in gold jerseys with unique nicknames on the back and creates a human tunnel for the Baylor Bears to run through.

6. Texas Sports Hall of Fame

Located less than a mile outside of Baylor University, the Texas Sports Hall of Fame recognizes the rich history of athletes, coaches, and administrators in Texas sports, and is a must-see for all sports fans. Notable inductees include Troy Aikman, Drew Brees, Roger Clemens, Shaq, and LaDainian Tomlinson.

7. McLane Stadium

Mclane Stadium was completed in 2014 and has instantly become one of the most recognizable and beautiful stadiums in all of College Football.  Mclane Stadium is perched right next to Lake Brazos and has two stunning white bridges that fans can take to walk to the stadium. Further,  they built the  “Baylor Basin” to allow for sailgating, a tradition that only a few teams can have.

8. Robert Griffin III Statue

Situated proudly between McLane Stadium and Brazos River is the statue of Robert Griffin III, more commonly referred to as RG3. As Baylor’s only Heisman Trophy winner (2011), RG3 has been immortalized in a nine and a half foot tall bronze statue that many fans pass by on their walk to the stadium.

9. Baylor In-Game App

As the first collegiate football application, the Baylor In-Game App allows fans to watch instant replays, traffic routes for exiting and entering the stadium, real-time stats, real-time breaking news for the Baylor football program, and on-demand video clips of coach and player interviews.

10. Baylor Line

The Baylor line is of one Baylor’s longest, strongest, and most unique traditions over the years.  It involves almost all the of the student section running onto the field before the game and then making a massive tunnel for the players to run through as they start the game.

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