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A Boston College basketball game is a fun experience for any college basketball fan making the trip to Boston. Inside the Conte Forum, you’ll find a wealth of BC basketball exhibits that will hold your interest including the Varsity Club Hall of Fame, the Boston College trophy case, and an Eagles in the Pros exhibit. Make sure to check out all three when attending an Eagles game.

In addition to the great Boston College basketball exhibits, you’ll also experience a fun in-game atmosphere when attending an Eagles basketball game. Hockey may reign supreme when it comes to winter sports at BC, but if you’re attending an important ACC game, you’ll get to experience an electric atmosphere. Things won’t be quite as intense for non-conference games or less significant ACC clashes. However, you can usually get affordable tickets to these lesser matchups making them worth your time as well.

Finally, no trip to Chestnut Hill is complete without stopping by Eagle’s Deli. Eagle’s Deli is one of the most famous Boston College area restaurants and provides a great game day meal. They’re known for their famous Eagle’s Challenge, which is a five-pound burger served with five pounds of fries. This hearty meal will fill you up and if you can finish it all in one sitting you’ll walk away with a t-shirt, a $100 plus the cost of the meal, and most importantly bragging rights.

If you’re visiting Boston and want to take in a college basketball game, then there is no reason not to make the trek out to Chestnut Hill and take in an Eagles game.

Things to check out

Varsity Club Hall of Fame

Take some time before the game to check out the Varsity Club Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame has a plaque for each member and you’ll find plenty of honorees from the NBA, NFL, and NHL here.

Trophy Case

The trophy case is an excellent place to see Boston College’s strong athletics history. The case is home to a variety of trophies and memorabilia making it a must see for anyone visiting the Conte Forum.

Eagles in the Pros

While at a BC basketball game, make sure to stop by the Eagles in the Pros wall. The wall shows off all of the Eagles men’s and women's’ basketball players who played in the NBA and WNBA making it a must-see for basketball fans.


Hanging from the rafters of the Conte Forum are banners honoring all of the best players and teams in Boston College basketball and hockey history. There are plenty of basketball banners to check out, and Boston College is home to one of the best programs in college hockey, so take a minute to enjoy the banners when attending a BC game.

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Doug Flutie Statue

The Conte Forum is located right next to Alumni Stadium, so make sure to stop by the Doug Flutie statue. Doug Flutie is arguably the biggest legend in BC football history, and as such, there is an incredible statue to commemorate his legacy. The statue can be found outside Gate D, so stop by and grab a picture as part of your Eagles game day experience.

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Bronze Osprey Statue

Overlooking Linden Lane is a bronze osprey statue. The statue was donated by diplomat Larz Anderson and is a must see for anyone visiting BC for the first time. Take some time before the game to visit the statue and take a picture.

Superfan T-Shirts

The superfan t-shirts were started by two BC students in 1998, and the tradition has only grown since. The shirts are a great way to show off your BC pride, so be sure to buy your very own superfan t-shirt to fit in with the crowd.

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Baldwin the Eagle

Baldwin made his first appearance in 1966, and has been entertaining crowds at BC sporting events ever since. He gets his name from a combination of the words “bald” and “win,” and is a can’t miss of at any Boston College sporting event. Keep your eyes peeled for Baldwin as you never know what he’ll do next.

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Fight Songs

  1. For Boston

  2. Boston College Alma Mater

  3. Eagles on the Warpath

    As part of the BC game day tradition fans chant “Eagles on the Warpath, ohhh ahhh!”

    Eagles on the Warpath, ohhh ahhh!



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