One of the unique aspects of a BC tailgate is that tailgaters must buy season passes to tailgate in the tailgate lots or at Shea Field. This helps create strong communal ties between BC fans as they see one another at every game all year long. Don’t worry though just because the tailgaters here are a tight knit group doesn’t mean that they aren’t very welcoming as often guests will join season ticket holders.

If you can’t get a hold of a parking permit or join an existing tailgate for some reason, then there still are several great bars and restaurants nearby to hit up before the game. Eagles Deli, in particular, is a must for anyone making the pilgrimage to a BC game day, so stop by and try the challenge burger to experience BC to its fullest.

The fans here love to show off their school colors of maroon and gold. You’ll find many people sporting BC superfan t-shirts as well as other BC game day apparel including jerseys, hats, and foam fingers. Lastly, this is a BC game, so please leave your Red Sox and Pats gear at home.


Eagle Walk

The Eagle Walk occurs two hours before kickoff and is a great way for fans to interact with the team before they take the field. After the team mass, BC players walk through O’Neill Plaza and down the Higgins Stairs to Gate E of Alumni Stadium. If you want to get the most out of your BC game day experience be sure to get to the game early for the Eagle Walk.

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Doug Flutie Statue

Doug Flutie is arguably the biggest legend in BC football history and as such, there is an incredible statue to commemorate his legacy. The statue can be found outside Gate D, so stop by and grab a picture as part of your Eagles game day experience.

Eagle's Deli

Eagle’s Deli is one of the most famous Boston College area restaurants and provides a great game day meal. They’re known for their famous Eagle’s Challenge, which is a five-pound burger served with five pounds of fries. This hearty meal will fill you up and if you can finish it all in one sitting you’ll walk away with a t-shirt, a $100 plus the cost of the meal, and most importantly bragging rights.

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Where to tailgate

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