1. Eagle Walk

The Eagle Walk occurs two hours before kickoff and is a great way for fans to interact with the team before they take the field. After the team mass, BC players walk through O’Neill Plaza and down the Higgins Stairs to Gate E of Alumni Stadium. If you want to get the most out of your BC game day experience be sure to get to the game early for the Eagle Walk.

2. Tailgating on Shea Field

Shea Field attached to Alumni Stadium is the ultimate BC tailgating destination. It offers plenty of space to tailgate and is the main tailgating hub here at Boston College. If you’re looking for the best tailgate spot at BC, look no further than Shea Field.

3. Eagle's Deli

Eagle’s Deli is one of the most famous Boston College area restaurants and provides a great game day meal. They’re known for their famous Eagle’s Challenge, which is a five-pound burger served with five pounds of fries. This hearty meal will fill you up and if you can finish it all in one sitting you’ll walk away with a t-shirt, a $100 plus the cost of the meal, and most importantly bragging rights.

4. Mary Ann's

Mary Ann’s located on Beacon Street down the block from Eagle’s Deli is a BC staple. A favorite spot for Boston College students Mary Ann’s is a game day must if you want to experience an Eagles game day to the fullest.

5. Superfan T-Shirts

The superfan t-shirts were started by two BC students in 1998, and the tradition has only grown since. The shirts are a great way to show off your BC pride, so be sure to buy your very own superfan t-shirt to fit in with the crowd.

Boston College Eagles fans

6. Doug Flutie Statue

Doug Flutie is arguably the biggest legend in BC football history and as such, there is an incredible statue to commemorate his legacy. The statue can be found outside Gate D, so stop by and grab a picture as part of your Eagles game day experience.

7. Mods

If you’re looking to party hard before the big game stop by the modular apartments or “the mods.” These on-campus apartments for seniors are famous for their game day parties and the great times they provide. Visit the mods if you want to let loose before watching the Eagles take the field.

8. Air Push Ups

At BC it’s tradition to grab the person next to you and throw him or her up in the air after every BC score. The person is tossed up in the air one time for each point the Eagles have scored. If you really want to get into the BC game day spirit, make sure to take part in this tradition.

9. Holy War

The Boston College-Notre Dame rivalry is dubbed the Holy War due to these two teams being the only Catholic schools in the FBS. The series started in 1975 when Notre Dame beat Boston College 17-3, and the bad blood has continued ever since. The Fighting Irish hold a slim 13-9 all-time lead. However, the Eagles will look to close the gap when these two teams meet this year. If you can only make it to one BC game, this is the one to see as it offers a fierce rivalry between bitter rivals.

10. “Eagles on the Warpath”

As part of the BC game day tradition, fans chant “Eagles on the Warpath, ohhh ahhh!” This chant shows the fighting spirit of the Eagles and is an excellent way to get the fans fired up.

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