A unique feeling surrounds Fenway Park on game days as you’ll find an aura here that can’t be found anywhere else. Fenway is the oldest stadium in the country and as such, is filled with so much history. Unfortunately, tailgating is not allowed at Fenway, but there are a ton of bars lining Brookline Avenue and Lansdowne Street where you can grab a pre-game drink. Thousands of Red Sox fans wander throughout these streets, and the air is filled with Red Sox pride and a celebratory attitude every game-day.

Even though tailgating is not allowed in Fenway Park, that doesn’t stop Red Sox fans from having a proper and worthy pre-game celebration. For those in search of the tailgating atmosphere, Yawkey Way offers a block party-esque walkway with t-shirt and hot dog vendors lining the streets. Arrive to the area around Fenway to take in all the sights and sounds and experience Fenway Park to the fullest.


Game Day Premium Tours

For $25 a person, you can get a personal tour of Fenway, as well as meet Wally the Green Monster and pose on the warning track. There’s no better way to experience Fenway Park or learn about the park’s history, so book a tour when visiting Boston.

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Fenway Park Statues

Outside of Fenway Park are several statues honoring some of the greatest players in Red Sox history. The statues celebrate legends such as the Splendid Splinter and Yaz. Stop by and get a picture with each of the statues.

Where to tailgate

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