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Bradley has a rich basketball history, which includes two NCAA Finals appearances, making a Bradley basketball game a must for anyone visiting Peoria during basketball season. Bradley students, alumni, and Peoria locals love to come out and support the Braves, and you’ll find a fantastic atmosphere at every Missouri Valley Conference game at Carver Arena.

The fans aren’t the only ones who make attending a Braves game a fantastic experience. The band, cheerleaders, and mascot all do an incredible job of keeping fans entertained throughout the game. The band keeps the energy at a fever pitch throughout the game, and you won’t want to miss Kaboom’s antics during your trip to Peoria.

Depending on the weather when you visit, take some time to see downtown Peoria and the riverfront before or after the game. You’ll also find lots of places to grab a bite to eat or something to drink including the Locker Room and Richard’s Pub.

A Bradley basketball game is a great time for any college hoops fan visiting Peoria as you’ll find lots of history and pageantry on display at a Braves game.

Things to check out

Championship Banners

Bradley has an impressive basketball history, and it’s on display when attending a game at Carver Arena. Hanging from the rafters are banners celebrating the Braves rich history, which includes two NCAA Final Fours and seven conference championships.


Bradley mascot Kaboom is a big part of every Braves basketball game. Before and during the game, keep an eye out for Kaboom as you never know what kind of shenanigans he’ll get into next.

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Student and Alumni Band

The Bradley band does a fantastic job of keeping everyone engaged in the game. When play stops, the band will pick up the crowd with their performances, so enjoy the atmosphere created by the band during your trip to Peoria.

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Stay Standing

Everyone at Carver Arena remains on their feet until the Braves score their first basket. The tradition is an excellent way to show your support for the team, so stay on your feet until the Braves put some points on the board.

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Player Intros

Bradley is home to a couple of traditions surrounding player introductions. When the opposing team takes the court, the student section turns their back on them. Then during the home team introductions, kids in attendance have the opportunity to line up and high five the Bradley players as they take the court. Join in either of these traditions during your trip to Carver Arena.

Fight Songs

  1. “Bradley Loyalty Song (Charge on Bradley)”

    Here’s our pledge to Bradley,
    Loyal hearts and hands,
    Loudly sing your praises,
    In a mighty band,
    Ever forward Bradley,
    We’ll praise you to the sky,
    Ever keep your banners flying while you hear our cry!
    Charge on, Charge on, Bradley,
    March right down the field,
    Foes may press you,
    Foes may even stress you,
    But we’ll never yield,
    Fight for Alma Mater,
    Plunge right thru to victory,
    Fight on, Fight on, Bradley, And fight for varsity!

  2. “Bradley Alma Mater”

    Lift up your hearts and sing…
    Lift up thy light…
    Let all your voices ring…
    Hail Red and White
    Red for courage strength and might
    White for purity.
    Shining as a beacon light for the university…
    Onward, ever onward, let courage and truth prevail.
    For Bradley University…
    All Hail ! Hail! Hail!

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