BYU began allowing tailgating in the RV lot and lot 20 before the 2012 season. The allowance of tailgating was a response to a group of fans’ desire to start a tailgate culture at BYU. While alcohol is still prohibited, you can use propane grills in either of these locations. You’ll also find plenty of games and food here at a BYU tailgate, which helps create a fun time for the whole family.

Although BYU is alcohol-free due to being a private university owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that doesn’t mean the fans here won’t try and build up a tailgate experience similar to the Grove at Ole Miss.  The tailgates at BYU are very welcoming to opposing team fans as they seek to build the tradition from the ground up and feel that it necessary to offer “football, fun, and friendship.” The tailgate organizers have been very active in trying to engage with visiting fans as not only have they set up a Facebook page, but they’ve even gone as far to contact the mayors of the visiting towns and formally invite fans to the tailgate. The fans here are working hard to build up a tailgate tradition here at BYU, so be sure to stop by and say hello when you come to a Cougars game.


The Cougar Walk

The Cougar Walk debuted in 2013 and is an excellent way for fans to interact with the Cougars players and coaches. The walk starts two hours before the game and runs along the east side of the stadium.

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RV Lot and Lot 20

Those of you wanting to tailgate will want to set up shop in the RV Lot and Lot 20. The RV Lot and Lot 20 are the only two lots that permit tailgating at BYU, so stop by and join in on the festivities.

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Where to tailgate

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