Tailgating is a big part of what makes attending a race at the Bristol Motor Speedway such an incredible event. The camaraderie among race fans here is fantastic and everywhere you look you’ll see people grilling and throwing back brews as part of one big party. Fire up the grill and break out the beers to join in the fun that is tailgating before a race at Bristol.

Bristol Motor Speedway offers plenty of campground space, so you’ll be able to party day and night leading up to the race. Just park your RV in one of the speedway’s several campgrounds and roll out the coolers and grills for one hell of a weekend. All around the campground you’ll find fellow NASCAR fans tailgating and have a good time, so join in the festivities, and you’ll make friends quickly.

If you’re looking for a little more than just tailgating with your friends before the race, don’t worry as you’ll find lots to do before the race at the Bristol Motor Speedway. The track tour offers an excellent way to spend some time if you’re attending a race outside of major events. However, the tour isn’t available during the biggest races held at Bristol. On the plus side though if you are attending a major race at Bristol, the Pre-Race SuperPass grants you unparalleled access that you won’t want to miss including stageside access to the pre-race concert and the driver introductions.

You can’t beat tailgating before a race at Bristol as there is a lot to see and do as well as lots of camaraderie between racing fans making it an excellent experience for everyone in attendance.


Track Tour

See behind the scenes at the Bristol Motor Speedway by taking a tour of the speedway. The tour is an excellent opportunity for you to see everything Bristol Motor Speedway has to offer, so take a tour during your trip to Bristol.

Pre-Race SuperPass

The Pre-Race SuperPass is a must for anyone who wants to get the full race weekend experience. The pass gives you access to the Pre-Race Track Walk and stage side access to the pre-race concert and cup driver introductions.

Where to tailgate

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