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Brown Stadium is a great place to spend some time on a Saturday in the fall. Here you’ll find a fun college football atmosphere and see lots beautiful fall foliage all around you. The view from the stands here is gorgeous creating a memorable experience for anyone who loves college football or fall weather.

In addition to the beautiful setting, you’ll also get to experience a relaxed atmosphere filled with friendly yet passionate fans. Brown fans are happy to talk ball, and you should have no problem making friend with the people sitting around you.

Finally, make sure to enjoy the pageantry that accompanies a Brown football game. The ringing of the bell after every Brown score, the Brown University Band, and Bruno are all significant parts of the game helping create a big time college football feel.

You’ll have a good time taking in a Brown Bears football game, so get your tickets today.

Things to check out

Old Bell

Listen for the old bell that is rung after every Brown score. The ringing of the bell is a fun tradition and a great way to celebrate Bears scores making it one of the most memorable parts of your visit to Brown.


Bruno the Brown mascot was originally a live bear. However, since the 1960s the school has had a costumed version that appears at Brown athletic events. The lovable mascot can be seen at Brown basketball games, so keep an eye open for him during your trip to Brown Stadium.

Brown University Band

The Brown University Band creates excitement in the stands throughout the game. You also won’t want to miss the scramble band’s humorous halftime show, which will keep you entertained during the break. Enjoy the band as they’re a big part of any Brown football game.

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Join the cheerleaders’ chants to help pump up the Bears. The cheerleaders do a fantastic job of pumping up the crowd and create a fun collegiate feel at every Brown football game.

Fight Songs

  1. “Brown University Alma Mater”

    Alma Mater! we hail thee with loyal devotion,
    And bring to thine altar our off’ring of praise;
    Our hearts swell within us, with joyful emotion,
    As the name of Old Brown in loud chorus we raise.
    The happiest moments of youth’s fleeting hours,
    We’ve passed, ’neath the shade of these time-honored walls,
    And sorrows as transient as April’s brief showers
    Have clouded our life in Brunonia’s halls.

    And when we depart from thy friendly protection,
    And boldly launch out upon life’s stormy main,
    We’ll oft look behind us, with grateful affection,
    And live our bright college days over again.
    When from youth we have journeyed to manhood’s high station,
    And hopeful young scions around us have grown,
    We’ll send them, with love and deep veneration,
    As pilgrims devout, to the shrine of Old Brown.

    And when life’s golden autumn with winter is blending,
    And brows, now so radiant, are furrowed by care;
    When the blightings of age on our heads are descending.
    With no early friends all our sorrows to share; –
    Oh! then, as in memory backward we wander,
    And roam the long vista of past years adown,
    On the scenes of our student life often we’ll ponder,
    And smile, as we murmur the name of Old Brown.

  2. “Ever True to Brown”

    We are ever true to Brown,
    For we love our college dear,
    And wherever we may go,
    We are ready with a beer,
    And the people always say,
    That you can’t out drink Brown men (and women!)
    With a scotch and rye and a whiskey dry,
    And a B-O-U-R-B-O-N.

    (SING LOUDLY the 2nd VERSE)

    (Repeat 2nd verse Playing)

  3. “Brown Cheering Song”

    When Brunonia’s Big Brown Team is in the game,
    And the whole line is fighting to guard her name,
    And the Bear growls like thunder as the backs crash by,
    There’s a killing on the Old Hill tonight.

    Brunonia’s banners are waving in triumph on the hill,
    Brunonia’s cohorts are cheering for the bear has made its kill,
    CHEER (Rah! Rah!)
    This day is Brown’s, Brown’s forever,
    let the vanquished count the cost,
    So rise, rise and cheer, boys,
    till the last white line is crossed.

  4. “Brown Forevermore”

    Our boys are out there fighting,
    Like they’ve never fought before.
    They’re crashing and they’re smashing
    To roll up a glorious score.
    Let’s give our ev’ry effort
    And we’ll help them go to town.
    And we will all be happy
    With a victory for Brown.

    (Sing 2nd Verse – Then Band Repeats Verse)
    Let’s give a cheer for dear old Brown,
    and her team of valiant men,
    We’ll raise our voices to the sky,
    for we will win again,
    We’ll back our team with all our might,
    just to raise a winning score,
    Because it’s fight, fight for Brown boys,
    and for Brown forevermore.

  5. “I’m a Brown Man Born”

    Here’s to good old Brown, drink her down, drink her down.
    Here’s to good old Brown, drink her down, drink her down.
    Here’s to good old Brown, she’s the jolliest place in town,
    Drink her down, drink her down, drink her down, down, down.

    I’m a Brown man born, and a Brown man bred,
    And when I die, I’ll be a Brown man dead.
    For it’s rah, rah, Bruno-nonia, rah, rah, Bruno-nonia,
    Rah, rah, Bruno-nonia, Brown Brown Brown.

    Oh, we beat Harvard and we beat Yale,
    And we tied a knot in the Tiger’s tail.
    For it’s rah, rah, Bruno-nonia, rah, rah, Bruno-nonia,
    Rah, rah, Bruno-nonia, Brown Brown Brown.

    Oh, we beat Dartmouth and we beat Penn,
    But that was back in 1910!
    For it’s rah, rah, Bruno-nonia, rah, rah, Bruno-nonia,
    Rah, rah, Bruno-nonia, Brown Brown Brown.

  6. “KI-YI-YI”

    Ki-Yi-Yi! Come and give a good and lusty
    Ki-Yi-Yi! For our team so tried and trusty,
    Ki-Yi-Yi, boys, come now,
    Give them a good and snappy Ki-Yi-Yi!


    (Repeat TWICE – Playing FASTER)

  7. “Brown Bear”

    I hear a cheer ringing loud and clear,
    It brings me back to town;
    It comes from men who are shouting again
    The name of dear old Brown;
    See how they tear through the line,
    That raging Brown Bear varsity;
    You can bet all you got
    That we’re taking a shot
    At another big victory.
    Plunge through that hole!
    Give us a goal!
    Let’s go, Brown Bear, let’s go, wow!

    Brown Bear, we hear you growling,
    Go at them now and bite and scratch and hug!
    In all your victories, we’ll be rejoicing,
    And in defeat we’ll still be backing you the same as ever;
    In after years the yearning, to be returning,
    Just to boost that Bruno series gets us going,
    Our hearts o’erflowing
    To cheer once more as before for dear old Brown!

  8. “Bring the Victory to Brown”

    Keep a-cheering for Brunonia!
    And her mighty team today;
    Stand behind the boys who fight for you!
    Ev’ry man must back the play;
    Bend your might to win the fight
    And beat the vanquished down;
    So give a cheer, cheer, cheer for Bruno’s team,
    And bring the vict’ry home,
    And bring the vict’ry home,
    And bring the vict’ry home to Brown!

  9. “Brunonia (As We Go Marching)”

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