1. Pinto Ron

One of the can’t miss tailgate spots at any Bills game is Pinto Ron’s tailgate. At Ken Johnson aka Pinto Ron’s tailgate, you’ll find him preparing all sorts of tailgate foods right on the hood of his 1980 Ford Pinto and pouring bowling ball shots. If you want to experience one of the wildest and most fun tailgates, you’ll find in the NFL then make sure to stop by Pinto Ron’s tailgate party.

2. Buffalo Wings

Chicken wings are the official tailgate food of the Buffalo Bills. Wings served up by Buffalo Bills fans will usually be tossed in Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, and if they are not they probably belong to an out-of-towner or a new fan.

3. Beef on Weck

If you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous than traditional chicken wings, opt for beef on weck. Don’t let the name scare you away. All this is thinly sliced roast beef, cooked rare, topped with horseradish and served on a Kimmelweck bun. If you’re looking for an authentic Buffalo Bills gameday experience, then no tailgate is complete without a beef on weck sandwich.

4. Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame honors all the Buffalo Bills greats of the past. Over the years the Wall has been expanded to feature the ever growing list of fantastic, players, coaches, and administrators to be involved with the Buffalo Bills.

5. Billy Buffalo

Billy Buffalo has been the Bills official mascot since 2000 and can be found at every Bills home game pumping up the crowd and providing entertainment. Billy’s antics are quite fun to watch, so stay on the lookout for him during the game.

6. "Shout"

“Shout” is near and dear to the hearts of Buffalo Bills fans. The song is played following Bills touchdowns and concludes with fans yelling, “Heyyyyyyy let’s go Buffalo!” Join in on the singing of this song to make yourself a part of the Buffalo crowd when attending a Bills game.

7. Marching Band

The Bills are one of a handful of teams to have an official marching band that appears at every home game. The position is currently held by the Stampede Drumline who put on an outstanding performance each and every game that revs up the fans at team alike.

8. Bills Backers

The Bills’ official fan organization has over 200 chapters across the world and is one of the largest official fan organizations in the NFL. If you want to get all the latest Bills fans news make sure to join the Bills Backers, so you’ll never miss out on what is going on amongst fellow Bills fans.

9. The Rock Pile

The Rock Pile is home to the loudest, wildest, and most enthusiastic fans inside of Ralph Wilson Stadium. Tickets in this section usually run for less than $50 and provide you with a rough, spirited game day experience.

10. Bills-Dolphins Rivalry

The rivalry between the Bills and the Miami Dolphins is one of the biggest in the NFL. The rivalry between these two AFC East foes was at its zenith in the 90s when the Bills and Dolphins traded off division titles and met in the playoffs four times in nine years, with the Bills taking three of the four postseason meetings. These games are great for fans as no matter where these two teams are in the standings there are always bragging rights on the line.

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