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Baseball fans in the Buffalo area won’t want to miss the opportunity to take in a game at Sahlen Field. A Bisons game is home to a fun in-game experience that fans of all ages will enjoy as it features great on the field action, entertaining mascots, and lots to see.

When taking in a Bisons game, you’ll be able to see the stars of tomorrow take the field. The Bisons are the Triple-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays giving you the excellent opportunity to see some of the young up and coming players from the nearest Major League team take the field. If you’re a big baseball fan and follow prospects closely, then you’ll love seeing the young players here in Buffalo.

The players aren’t the only ones on the field who produce memorable moments. The mascots at Bisons games are among the best in the business. Whether you’re watching Chicken Wing, Atomic Wing, Blue Cheese, and Celery square off in the mascot race or Buster, Chip, and Belle, the Bisons mascots will keep you well entertained throughout the game.

Additionally, take advantage of the numerous party areas and beer options when taking in a game at Sahlen Field. The beer selections here are diverse, and the prices are much lower than at Major League parks making a Bisons game a great time to enjoy food and drinks while taking in a game.

Lastly, no baseball fan in the Buffalo area can come to a game at Sahlen Field without taking some time to check out the Buffalo Baseball Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is home to a wide assortment of memorabilia from Buffalo’s baseball history, so make sure to take it all in when visiting.

If you’re a baseball fan in the Buffalo area, then you can’t beat taking in a game at Sahlen Field so get your tickets today.

Things to check out

Buffalo Baseball Hall of Fame

Located in Section 107, the Buffalo Baseball Hall of Fame is a must-see for anyone visiting Coca-Cola Field. The Hall of Fame celebrates the history of professional baseball in Western New York and honors all of the best players in Bisons history.

BisonsTV HD Board

The BisonsTV HD Board is the third largest video board and the widest video board in Minor League Baseball. You won’t miss any of the action thanks to the BisonsTV HD Board, so enjoy the crystal clear replays it provides.

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Consumers Craft Beer Corner

Craft beer lovers won’t want to miss the Consumers Craft Beer Corner. Here you’ll be able to get several great tasting craft beers, which are an especially great deal during the fridaynighbash! Happy Hour.

Bully Hill Party Deck

If you’re taking a group of 25 or more to the game, then make sure to reserve a spot in the Bully Hill Party Deck. The Bully Hill Party Deck offers you a unique view of the action as well as two hours of food service and two and a half hours of beverage service.

Labatt Blue Zone

Those of you looking for a group patio experience will want to reserve a spot in the Labatt Blue Zone. Located down the first baseline, the Labatt Blue Zone is an excellent place to entertain friends, family, and other large groups.

Centerfield Pavilion

Catch batting practice and enjoy a pre-game meal from the Centerfield Pavilion. The Centerfield Pavilion accommodates groups of 25 or more and offers three all you can eat buffet options making it the perfect pregame destination for a large group.

Mascot Race

The Buffalo Bisons mascot race is chicken wing-themed and pits Chicken Wing, Atomic Wing, Blue Cheese, and Celery against each other. The race is a can’t miss part of any Bisons game, so enjoy the race and root on your favorite mascot to victory.

Buster T. Bison, Chip, and Belle

Buster T. Bison, Chip, and Belle are the Bisons mascots and are a big part of any Buffalo Bisons game. The mascots here get into all kinds of antics, and Buster and Belle even got married at a game in 2007, so don’t miss these lovable mascots when attending a Bisons game.

Beer Vendors

At Bisons games, the beer vendors don’t just sell beer they entertain the crowd as well. Buffalo Bisons games feature several well-known beer vendors including Conehead and Earl the Bud making each beer sale a must-see.

Fight Songs

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