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The Buffalo Bulls have won two of the last three MAC tournaments, and as a result, you’ll find a rather lively atmosphere when attending a Bulls home game. A few years ago there wasn’t much buzz surrounding the Buffalo basketball program. However, the team’s recent uptick in fortunes has UB students and alumni coming out in full force to support their team.

Recent renovations to Alumni Arena have also made a trip to a Buffalo Bulls game a more exciting proposition. In 2011, all of the arena’s bleacher seats were replaced with chairback seating, and even more recently the Bulls added a hall of fame. The new amenities have improved the Bulls in-game experience immensely, so if you haven’t attended a UB basketball game in the last couple years then now is the time to give it another chance.

The one downside to attending a Bulls basketball game is that the area around campus is still a bit lacking. However, if you’re willing to travel a bit, you’ll find lots of great places to hang out before and after the game including Duff’s and Elmo’s.

The Bulls recent success and the renovations to Alumni Arena have elevated a Bulls basketball game from a ho-hum experience to a fun college hoops gameday that any MAC basketball fan would enjoy.

Things to check out

Buffalo Bulls Hall of Fame

The Bulls Hall of Fame is a new feature at Alumni Arena and a must-see for any college sports fan. The museum is home to several exhibits and honors all of the best athletes in UB history, so make sure to check it out.

Bulls Teams Shop

The Bulls Team Shop features a wide variety of UB gear and is the perfect place to pick up a souvenir from your trip to Buffalo. Whether you’re a Bulls fan looking to get a new sweatshirt or just someone who’s visiting and wants a small keepsake, you’ll find it here at the Bulls Team Shop.

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Victor E. Bull

Victor E. Bull is the official mascot of the University of Buffalo and can be seen at every Bulls home game. He puts on quite the show during the game keeping the fans entertained throughout and has even been named to the Capital One All-America Mascot Team in the past. Keep your eye out for Victor E. Bull during the game since you’ll never know what he’ll do next.

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Cowbell Guy

It may be a simple beat, but Cowbell Guy revs up the crowd during key moments giving the Bulls a true home court advantage. Look for him to energize the crowd with his cowbell during critical moments when attending a UB basketball game.

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Bulls Cheerleaders

The Bulls Cheerleaders dazzle the crowd with their incredible routines. The cheer squad keeps spirits high even when things aren’t going the Bulls way, so join in their cheers during your visit to UB.

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Fight Songs

  1. Victory March

    The official school fight song

    Fight, Fight for Buffalo,
    be proud to fight for your dear Blue and White
    So, thunder through, Go Blue!
    Give a Cheer, never fear!
    Don’t stop ’till we have won!
    Cheer, cheer for Buffalo, our spirit
    will be with you ’till the end
    So show your colors proud and true
    for the glory of our dear Buffalo!

  2. Horn Up!

    Traditional cry of the fans in support of their team

    Horn Up!

    Horn Up!

    Horn Up!

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