1. Marriott Center Annex

Not only is the Marriott Center Annex where the BYU men’s and women’s basketball team practice it’s also home to tons of cool BYU basketball memorabilia. The front of the annex features a wide variety of memorabilia as well as a wall of fame, so stop by and check it out before tipoff.

2. Holy War: BYU-Utah Rivalry

The rivalry between BYU and Utah is known as the Holy War, so you better believe there is a lot animosity between these two schools. The players have come to blows in recent years, and Utah coach Larry Krystkowiak even went so far as to cancel the 2016-17 matchup as a result. If you want to see a rivalry where emotions run high, then there are few better than BYU-Utah.
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3. The ABYSS

The BYU student section is known as the ABYSS, the Almighty Brigham Young Student Section, is the most vocal section at BYU games. If you want to sit with the most vocal fans at a BYU, then sink into the ABYSS.
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4. BYU Pep Bands

BYU has not one but two pep bands. The BYU pep bands known as the Blue and White Bands put on incredible performances at games that get everyone pumped up to cheer on the Cougars. Enjoy the atmosphere created during by the Blue and White Bands during your trip to BYU.
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5. Cosmo the Cougar

Keep an eye out for the BYU mascot Cosmo the Cougar. Cosmo gets into all kinds of antics, and you never know what he’ll do next, so don’t miss him when attending a Cougars basketball game.
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6. Old Oquirrh Bucket

From 1974 to 2010 Utah schools played for the Old Oquirrh Bucket. The trophy was awarded to the team with the best record against in-state opponents creating an intense rivalry between all of the Utah schools. Utah schools may no longer play for the Old Oquirrh Bucket, but there are still a lot of bragging rights on the line, so don’t miss it when a Utah-based school comes to the Marriott Center.
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7. Cougarettes

The Cougarettes are one of the best dance teams in the nation as well as a can’t miss part of any BYU Basketball game. The Cougarettes have received tons of national recognition over the years claiming the National Collegiate Dance Team title on seven occasions.
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8. Banners

Hanging above the court are banners honoring the Cougars men’s and women’s’ basketball teams’ many accomplishments from over the years. The banners celebrate all of the Cougars NCAA Tournament appearances, conference championships, and even the team’s three trips to the Elite Eight.
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