1. 1959 National Championship Exhibit

The 1959 National Championship Exhibit is a must-see for any college basketball fan. Here you’ll find a picture of the Golden Bears national championship winning side as well as a statue of legendary Cal basketball head coach Pete Newell. Stop by and get a picture with the statue during your trip to Berkeley.

2. Cal Band

The Cal pep band performs over 20 fight songs at Golden Bears basketball games. The most famous of the fight songs is “Big C,” which has been popular among Cal students and alum for a long time. Enjoy the performance of the pep band who do an excellent job of setting the tone at a Cal basketball game.

3. The Bench

The Cal student section, known as The Bench, makes Haas Pavilion a difficult venue for opposing teams to play in. The students really get after opponents. The university even added a row of seats between the students and the court to help protect the players and refs from their abuse. Enjoy the atmosphere created by The Bench when attending a Cal basketball game.

4. Beer Garden

Outside of Haas Pavilion you’ll find a beer garden and kids activity area before the game. It’s a great place to hang out before the game and gives you an excellent chance to try some local craft beers from Black Diamond.

5. Cal-Stanford Rivalry

Cal and Stanford absolutely hate each other and there is no love lost when the two meet on the hardwood. The hatred between these two Bay Area schools runs deep and you won’t want to miss it when they square off. Cal leads the all-time series 146-117, so come on out and support the Golden Bears when Stanford comes to town.

6. Concourse Memorabilia

All around the concourse you can spot Cal athletics memorabilia. There are pennants, trophies, newspaper clippings, and much more celebrating Cal athletics, so take a stroll of the concourse before the game.

7. Oski

Oski has been the Golden Bears mascot since 1941. He is named after the “Oski Wow-Wow” yell and is prominent in many Cal school songs. During games Oski entertains the fans, so keep your eyes peeled for him as you’ll never know what kind of shenanigans he’ll get into.

8. Unique Court Design

The court inside Haas Pavilion features a one of a kind court design. The large wood colored bear gives the Haas Pavilion court a unique feel and look, so snap a pic of the court when attending a Golden Bears basketball game.

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