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Cal Poly is home to one of the most beautiful backdrops in the FCS as you’ll have a gorgeous view of the San Luis Mountains and Bishop’s Peak. In addition to the fantastic view, Alex G. Spanos stadium is also home to a lively atmosphere as Cal Poly fans cheer loudly for the Mustangs throughout the game. Even when the team is struggling, you’ll still hear cheers and chants coming from the stands.

The fans aren’t the only one who make the atmosphere inside Alex G. Spanos stadium a fun one. The Mustang Ban puts on an incredible show as well. The band’s halftime show is excellent, and during the game, their music provides a great backdrop to the action on the field.

Finally, Cal Poly is home to not one but two great mascots. The live mascot Chase is a must-see for anyone taking in a game at Cal Poly, and if you like goofy mascots, then you’ll love Cal Poly’s costumed mascot Musty.

A Cal Poly football game is a fantastic time for any FCS football fan, so get your tickets to a Mustangs game today.

Things to check out

Rose Garden and Fountain

Take some time to check out the rose garden and fountain behind the scoreboard. Both are quite beautiful and fun to see when attending a Mustangs game.


Don’t miss Cal Poly’s live mascot Chase the mustang. Chase made his debut at Cal Poly’s home opener in 2014 and since then has become a must-see part of every Mustangs football game.

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Mustang Band

Enjoy the performance of the Cal Poly Mustang Band during the game. The band provides quite a bit of atmosphere throughout the game as they play “Ride High, You Mustangs” after every touchdown and “Yea Poly” after every extra point and field goal.

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Cheer Team

The cheer team does an excellent job of pumping up the crowd throughout the game. Join in the cheer team’s chants to help give the Mustangs as much of a home field advantage as possible.

Musty the Mustang

Keep an eye out for Cal Poly’s costumed mascot Musty the Mustang. Musty is a favorite among fans young and old, and you never know what kind of antics he’ll get into next making him a fun part of every game.

Fight Songs

  1. Ride High, You Mustangs

    Ride High You Mustangs,
    Kick the frost out burn the breeze,
    Ride High You Mustangs,
    The bow wows we’ll knock to their knees

    Hi Ki Yi

    Ride High You Mustangs
    Chin the moon and do it right
    Ride High and cut a rusty

    Fight! Fight! Fight!

  2. Cal Poly Alma Mater

    All Hail Green and Gold
    May your praises e’er be told
    Of friendship and of courage
    And stalwart sons of old
    All Hail Green and Gold
    In your name we shall prevail
    So to California Polytechnic
    Hail! Hail! Hail!

  3. Yea Poly

    On Pacific shores, ‘neath Bishop Peak
    Along the serene San Luis Creek
    Lies our alma mater, grand as can be!
    Many a foe will stalk her ground
    But we, mighty Mustangs, won’t be found
    But valiantly marching to victory!
    Strike up the band for all to hear!
    For our alma mater sing and cheer!
    Ride high and she’ll never fail!
    Banners of green and gold will raise
    And so will the echoes of her praise
    For Cal Poly will prevail!

  4. First Down...Mustangs!

    First Down…Mustangs!

    First Down…Mustangs!

    First Down…Mustangs!

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