You won’t want to miss the opportunity to tailgate before a Mustangs game. Students, alumni, and fans show up outside Alex G. Spanos stadium before the game to grill and drink before the game creating a fun pregame atmosphere. Everywhere you look, you’ll see fans throwing back beers, dancing, and enjoying themselves. The majority of tailgating takes place along South Perimeter and College Avenue, so reserve your spot and join in the fun.

Additionally, make sure to check out the Mustang Memorial Plaza before the game. The plaza pays remembrance to the Mustangs players and personnel who lost their lives in a plane crash during the 1960 season. The memorial is a must-see for any longtime Mustangs fans, although even new fans should take the time to see it.

Tailgating is a fun way to spend some time before a Mustangs game, so get here early and enjoy the festivities.


Mustang Memorial Plaza

Make sure to check out the Mustang Memorial Plaza outside the stadium. The plaza pays remembrance to those who died in a plane crash during the 1960 season and contains a mustang statue in the center and 18 pillars, one for each member of the Cal Poly football team lost in the crash.

Where to tailgate

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