1. Mustang Memorial Plaza

Make sure to check out the Mustang Memorial Plaza outside the stadium. The plaza pays remembrance to those who died in a plane crash during the 1960 season and contains a mustang statue in the center and 18 pillars, one for each member of the Cal Poly football team lost in the crash.

2. Chase

Don’t miss Cal Poly’s live mascot Chase the mustang. Chase made his debut at Cal Poly’s home opener in 2014 and since then has become a must-see part of every Mustangs football game.

3. Mustang Band

Enjoy the performance of the Cal Poly Mustang Band during the game. The band provides quite a bit of atmosphere throughout the game as they play “Ride High, You Mustangs” after every touchdown and “Yea Poly” after every extra point and field goal.

4. Battle for the Golden Horseshoe

The Battle for the Golden Horseshoe takes place each year between Cal Poly and UC Davis. The two schools first met on the gridiron in 1939. However, the rivalry didn’t officially begin until 2004. The all-time series between these two is tied at 20-20-2 all-time, so come out and cheer on the Mustangs as they look to break the tie.

5. South Perimeter and College Avenue

Those of you who want to tailgate before a Cal Poly game will need to get a tailgating pass and set up shop along South Perimeter or College Avenue. You’ll meet lots of die-hard Mustangs here making for a fun day of tailgating.

6. Cheer Team

The cheer team does an excellent job of pumping up the crowd throughout the game. Join in the cheer team’s chants to help give the Mustangs as much of a home field advantage as possible.

7. Musty the Mustang

Keep an eye out for Cal Poly’s costumed mascot Musty the Mustang. Musty is a favorite among fans young and old, and you never know what kind of antics he’ll get into next making him a fun part of every game.

8. Stampede Club BBQ

If you want to tailgate without the fuss, then join the Stampede Club. The Stampede Club BBQ takes place two and a half hours before each game and is a great way to spend some time before the game.

9. Rose Garden and Fountain

Take some time to check out the rose garden and fountain behind the scoreboard. Both are quite beautiful and fun to see when attending a Mustangs game.

10. Mountain Views

Cal Poly is home to one of the most beautiful backdrops in the FCS as you’ll have a gorgeous view of the San Luis Mountains and Bishop’s Peak.

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